Custom Woven Labels Explained

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If you’re looking for a premium finish to your garment, you’re on the right path by opting for woven labels. Custom designs add a personal and professional touch towards your branding.

Why Use Custom Woven Labels Over Alternatives?

Woven labels are the most durable and economical option allowing you to grow your brand on your products while portraying a professional image. A high-quality label will gives your products greater credibility increasing the sense of a quality purchase and adding value to your finished product. Customers are much more likely to be turned off by a garment with no labels.

With the right woven label design you can add a touch of class to your finished product. You can place them on various items. Your custom colors and design will be added accurately and you can even request a free sample to make sure the finished product is suitable before you place your order.

What are the different types of woven labels?

There are a range of labels made using different materials, which will be woven or printed. Custom woven labels are made very durable and have a soft, professional finish. A woven label is fantastic for various projects such as fashion clothing, accessories, or work wear as it continues to look fantastic wash after wash.

High Definition Labels

This is a woven damask label that accommodates more complex logos as it uses the highest quality and quantity of thread count. The finished label will have the best possible image and a smooth finish.

Damask woven labels

Damask is a high-end thread that would be used on labels that need more complex detail. They are very soft to touch and pliable.

Satin woven labels

A satin label is blended from polyester and is more suitable for a design with woven text over a complicated logo. The finish is smooth and professional with exceptional end results. These have the lowest thread count, but have a shiny / elegant finish.

Taffeta woven labels

If you have a lower budget a taffeta woven label is the most cost effective. They are made using a polyester base. The finished product looks professional and is hard wearing, but isn’t as soft as the other options so would be more suitable on a garments that aren’t exposed to skin. These are used for sturdy applications.

Unsure which label is right for you?

If you need confirmation that your opting for the right label type for your requirements follow the ‘contact us’ link for various contact method options. If it’s a quote that you need, fill in the quote form online for an accurate idea of cost. Use the design tool to create your custom woven labels and request a sample.

Custom label specialists can turn the vision of your finished garment into a reality. Take advantage of the experience in woven labels, custom designs, and specifications. Why not take advantage of specialist support and create a bespoke label to finish off your garments perfectly? There are a variety of custom labels to suit your requirements. All labels are produced to a high-quality to ensure the results are exceptional everytime.