Customized Labeling for Your Crafts

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Creating something unique can be both time-consuming and fulfilling. It takes dedication to choose a project and see it through to the end. If the craft is going to be a gift for a loved one or will end up for sale. It’s important that the right person gets credit for all the hard work. Woven labels can be created for a multitude of items and can be customized with just the right information.

Making Crafts for Gifts

It’s nice to add a personalized touch to a gift. There are lots of ways to lay out the label to ensure that the correct information is provided. For example, in addition to including the name of the gift giver, it might be nice to add a more personalized note. Text like “Made with Love” or even including a “To:” section to be filled in later can bring a smile to the face of the recipient. These small touches go a long way toward showing a person just how important they are.

The addition of a date is another great idea for a woven label. Listing the holiday and even the year ensures that the recipient remembers where the item came from and why they received it. To make things a bit easier, certain quantities of birthday or even holiday labels can be made well in advance so they are always on hand when needed. Gift tags are quickly tossed in the trash after a gift is unwrapped, but an attached label will last for many years to come.

Making Crafts for Sale

If the crafts aren’t for friends and family, it might be even more important that the creator’s name is listed on the item. Woven labels offer a way to brand goods that are created by hand. If a customer wants something new or wants to send some new business to the crafter, the label may provide all of the information necessary. The label size will help determine what information needs to be included on each one.

Unlike labels created for gift giving, it’s easier to order a large quantity of labels that all say the same thing. They can be sewn into a variety of craft items, so it is possible that one label will work for several different projects. Before placing that first order, think about what the labels need to say and what size label will work for the wide range of crafts currently being created.

Labels offer valuable information about a product. While most people understand this dynamic when it comes to retail products, they may not realize that those same labels can be used for crafts, too. They can include the name of the creator, a personal note, and even contact information if the item is headed out for sale. Make sure that each and every item made by hand has a special note included in the form of customized labels added by the craft’s maker.