Damask High Definition Labels for your Premium Clothing Brand

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Are you looking for an ideal label type for your premium clothing line business? As high end as it may sound like, Damask High definition labels are quality yet cost-effective solution that can be a perfect companion to all your products and add a distinct characteristic to your brand name. How? Let’s find out.

What are Damask Labels?

Damask is a type of woven label sewn in light-weight and glossy fabrics like silk, linen, polyester, and other types of imperial fabrics. These are used to give a soft and lustrous texture to the label and can be experimented in varied cuts and folds.

Why use High Definition Damask Clothing Labels?

High definition Damask woven labels are highly recommended for any flourishing luxury brand as these are used by a wide spectrum of established premium clothing brands across the world. They not only enhance the look and feel of the brand name but also accentuate fine detailing of the brand logo, design, and text.

The Features  

  • Highlight complex logo design: Now your brand must have a great logo and its custom design may or may not be easy to decipher. Damask high definition labels do all the right things to your logo design as it can contain the minuscule details and layers underlining the logo motif perfectly.

  • Ideal for ultra chic apparel: A brand label has a very high potential to influence the purchasing decision of the buyers. This is the reason why most of the designers or high end brands prefer damask label as it makes the product look much more classy and upscale than regular woven or printed labels.

  • High utility value for a variety of products: Besides apparel, Damask labels can be used as sewing label tags for many other products like craft projects, pillow covers, blankets, accessories, promotional items, and much more.

  • Durability: One of best qualities of woven labels is its assurance of durability. Damask woven labels are high-density labels that do not wear down with regular washing. So if you want your brand logo and care content to stay put then this is the best option for you.  

  • Safe for skin: This is yet another feature that adds more value to the brand label. It is very smooth to touch that not only matches ideally with your high-quality fabric but is also skin-friendly. This is the reason why these fabrics are preferred for products like bed sheets and cushion covers.

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How to order Damask High Definition Labels
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