Design Tips For A Unique Finish For Your Fabric Labels

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A fabric label is extremely versatile and can fit a huge array of requirements. Whether it is a finishing touch to an item of clothing, accessory, or shoes, the right label offers a professional, finished product.

If you have decided to use fabric labels, then the next, and probably most difficult task, is to design your label. The highest-quality label will offer high definition color that stays looking visually appealing.

The finishing touches really do affect the quality of your design and the overall impact the label has. It’s always recommended to keep label design clean and simple with bold colors where possible. The smaller the label is, the simpler it should be.

Whether you’re adding labels to casual clothing kids clothing, or work wear, the label is a representation of your company. It must be professionally made and clear to ensure consumers recognise your brand in a positive way.

If you try and add a lot of text to a small label it will look unpresentable and your customers may struggle to identify what it says. Do not add any text that is under 10pt. If you do need it smaller, you are probably better to remove it from your design altogether. For fabric labels that do require a lot of text, then choose a larger label. You need plenty of space to incorporate the required font in order for it to look bold and clear. To achieve the best design you must consider the label size you require when you begin your design.

Adding a personal touch to an item of clothing really can change the whole image. So, how do you know what to put in your design? The obvious starting point is to incorporate your logo and branding. Any other colors on your garment labels should be a continuation of your brand.

If you’re a business trying to get your fashion brand out there, keep things simple and go for text or a logo (not both) for the highest impact. A few letters that represent your brand can look stylish, or a design that represents the brand you have already created would look unique. Keeping the label simple is classy and doesn’t cause confusion when people see it.

If you’re starting on the ladder of a fashion brand, your items need to stand out amongst others. Your design will have more of an impact if it’s clean, eye-catching, and unique.

When designing your fabric labels, ask for feedback from impartial people. Don’t be offended if people are critical, just take opinions on board. And, don’t invest in your labels until you have done this. You need to know what others think of when they look at your design, as they might see something you don’t. If feedback becomes repetitive, positive or negative; you should not ignore it. When asking for feedback prepare questions to get a true reflection of their opinions. You can ask them to compare it to a label design they prefer and ask why they prefer the other. Ask what does it portray to them and does it communicate your brand how you want it to? Feedback is invaluable.

Take into account the fabric quality you’re choosing to put them on, the label size, and what you wish to achieve with your design. It’s not always an easy task to get the design of labels right, but they’re the walking advertising your business needs when you get it right.