Different Folding Styles of Woven Labels for Clothing

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Posted on: July 22, 2016

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.” – Seth Godin

Labeling is one of the most important aspects of marketing through which your brand gets recognition in the market. There are more than one clothing lines that are present with their distinctive labels. A label acts as the face of the company. For instance, whenever we go for shopping, don’t we buy clothes after checking its label? It plays a major role in developing a place for the brand among its customers. Apart from creating a uniqueness of a brand, it also behaves as a dominant factor to fall back on in terms of reliability. People rely more on brands with labels than on the ones without them. Don’t you think so? Well, this shows the role of a label in the clothing industry.

Now, a label is sewed on the fabric of a garment. The woven label for clothing is generally available in three major folding styles. I’ll give you an insight on this. Keep reading below:

Straight cut– This is one of the most popular styles adopted by the designers for their clothing line. The ends of a woven label are simply sealed by heat with no folding. Well, if you plan to sew all the four sides or two ends, then this style is apt for the labeling of your clothes. And most importantly, the label is held closely against the fabric that makes it strong and doesn’t tear off easily. So, if this suits you, go for it.

Mid-fold– This kind of woven label is made in a long rectangle shape and folded short-ways in the centre. The label hangs down when both cut ends of the label is sewn into the fabric. The biggest advantage of this labeling is that it gives you ample space for additional information if you want to add any. So, if you want to put in the care instructions, you can select this for your business. But, be careful as this label is prone to damages quite often.

End folds– The woven label is made of a straight cut, but there is a small amount of sewing space on the ends. These are folded and the sewing takes place beneath the label. This gives a well-finished look because the seams are not prominent outside. But, unlike the straight cut, this label is ripped simply.

We all know that labeling is indispensable to marketing. Labeling adds more value to the apparel industry. People generally don’t select clothes without tags or labels. So, if you’re planning to open a clothing line of yours, follow the above-mentioned styles, it’s beneficial for you. Apart from these, you can pick custom woven labels for clothing. If you want to make your brand different from others, then you can also choose personalized woven clothing labels as well. So, choose wisely.