Different styles and types of Clothing label

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A clothing label not only reveals the brand identity but also helps your potential customers to identify your distinctive quality. A customer decides to single out their favorite garment based on the design and content of the label attached to it.

 Why are clothing labels so important?   

Labels act as a bridge between your brand and customers. When a customer buys a product, they always look forward to the information and instructions for taking special care of the garment and that comes with a label. Every manufacturer creates a label that would speak about their exclusivity. It is very important to order clothing labels that are customized as per your brand’s identity.

 Types of clothing labels

There are mainly two types of clothing labels.

  1.  Woven labels: These labels are woven on a loom as per the customized designs, cuts, and folds. In garments, they are usually sewn into the neck seam or applied to woven hang tags. Woven labels can be of different types like High definition Damask, Satin or Taffeta. These labels are highly durable and give a smooth finish.  
  2.  Printed labels: Printed labels, on the other hand, prints the content on the garment using ink and plates. These are usually imprinted inside the neck or lower side seam of the garment. The longevity of these labels depends on the quality of ink.      

 Styles of clothing labels

  1.  Centre-folded style: Also known as loop label, centre folded is a commonly used style in clothing labels. The front part of the label usually has the brand name or logo and special care instruction on the back.
  2.  End-folded style: The right and left ends of the label are tucked behind and stitched.
  3.  Straight-cut style: This style has no folds and the ends of the entire label are meticulously affixed to the garment.
  4.  Heat-seal or adhesive labels: These labels are like stickers affixed to the product with the help of a heat sealer or high-quality adhesive. However, these types of labels are not recommendable for washable clothing products.    

 Different types of fabric used

Garment labels can be produced with different types of fabric to give that perfect finishing touch based on the requirements of the client.   

  • Satin: Satin threads are used to give the ultimate lustrous and smooth touch to the woven labels. Another alternative is reverse weave of satin thread for a shiny and matte effect.  
  • Damask: These types of labels are produced with thin, polished and lustrous thread and a favorite choice of the clothing line manufacturers. Damask thread is so thin that they can produce high definition and better quality labels.      
  • Tafetta: These types of woven labels are made of a polyester-based thread and are mostly prepared for basic uses. They are very cost-effective and flexible.   
  • Cotton: Some manufacturers also prefer cotton thread over other varieties as it is much more cost-effective than other labels.

·       Leather: A lot of manufacturers of jeans and trousers use leather labels for their products.