Different Types Of Cut And Fold Options For Clothing Labels Explained

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The finished cut and fold of your labels might seem like a small decision, but it can make a significant difference to the finished look of the label. There are many mistakes that can be made when choosing labels, and not choosing the right cut / fold for the job will leave your garment looking untidy. Here are the different types of cut and fold options explained in more detail.Centrefold is a woven or printed clothing label folded from the centre horizontally or vertically. This is the most popular option as the loose ends fit securely into the garment when sewn in. This option is great for multipurpose labels as you can position your brand / logo on the main side, and care instructions, or country of origin, on the other.

  • Mitre fold, or Manhattan fold, labels are stitched on the rectangular ends. They fold over at the ends and are easy to attach to garments. They are sewn into the seam of the garment by the fold and are usually used on children’s clothing or softer fabric.
  • Cut / End fold clothing labels are woven labels that are folded on the sides. They are easy to apply usually to the neck area on a garment, but sewn just below the hem and not sewn into the seam.
  • On request a die cut will be used to finish off the label using precise blades. This is usually done on a round shape label to give a clean finish.
  • A fuse cut is a method of adding heat and pressure to cut into polyester based threads. This prevents the edges from fraying and keeps the label looking neat and tidy.
  • A straight cut label is exactly what it says. A label that is cut and finished all the way around and is sewn in on two opposite, or all four, sides. This option is often used for accessories. When designing a straight label you must take extra time to ensure you allow for room at the sides for sewing.
  • A delicate cut (ultrasonic cut) is done using a vibration method rather than heated cutting. This method is used to give the smoothest finish and soft edges.

All clothing labels are custom made to your requirements. Ordering custom labels enables you to find the most suitable cut / fold that is best for your label. Before you put in all that work designing your label, make sure the cut / fold you choose is suitable for the area on the garment you are attaching it to.

It’s worth taking the time to decide on the specification of your label carefully to get a finished result that you will be excited to add to your garment. All cuts and folds are fully customizable and available in many colors. Choose to opt for a free quote and a free sample to ensure the cut and fold you choose is suitable for your garment and achieves the professional finish you’re looking for. Get guidance from online experts on the most suitable options if required.