Different Types of Labels that You Should Know About

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Posted on: Jan 21, 2016

Now that you have taken the plunge and have been successful in establishing your own clothing line, there are a few important facts that you deserve to know. Owners of clothes’ boutique usually focus on keeping the trendiest of clothes in store to grab attention of potential buyers. Surely, this is something that you should focus on, but don’t forget to have an eye for other details as well. In case you are thinking how any other factor could be of equal importance when the boutique is all about good clothes? Then let us guide you through this path by highlighting that apparel labels play a crucial role in giving clothes identification.

The clothes that your boutique offers can be great, but there needs to be a way to tell the world that the clothes belong to your store. Hence, the need for apparel labels because they are the announcement that your clothes business needs. When it comes to deciding upon the apparel labels for your clothes store, suppliers are going to bombard you with millions of questions. Most often than not, such random questions get very confusing and that’s because of the lack of information most entrepreneurs have about clothing labels.

Labels can be broadly divided into clothing labels and woven labels. We will inform you about both these label types for better clarity and understanding.

Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are made of 100% cotton material where the print and the font is pre-decided by entrepreneurs. If you choose clothing labels, then the print could be an intricate and detailed artwork. The detailing is entirely the entrepreneur and design team’s call, so choose an illustration that defines your clothes boutique completely. Technology has made a lot of progression in the label industry. Today print photography labels are easy to design and manufacture and they give the same soft feel. Print photography labels trigger a lot of visual appeal and that is the best way to grab attention.

Woven Labels

Woven labels take slightly more time in its manufacturing process compared to clothing labels. This is primarily because the woven ones need to be accurate and as per the artwork specifications. These labels consist of weaves those are held together to form a unique label design. Woven labels are long lasting and this is what sets them apart from other types of apparel labels. Entrepreneurs’ should opt for this label only when they have ample time in hand for label designs. Woven labels are the best choice for you if you prefer an elaborate logo design.

These two broad categories will allow the design team and even entrepreneurs to have a better understanding about the apparel labels they should opt for. You understand your clothes business the best and the apparel labels should be an extension of your brand and what it stands for. So make sure you choose the design carefully keeping the clothes boutique fundamentals in the right place.

Hopefully, this post has been helpful in giving clarity about the different label types available and the right choices you need to make while selecting.