Environmentally Friendly Clothing and Informing the Consumer

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The environmental needs of the world are at the forefront of so many consumers’ minds. Ensuring products that are put on the market are sourced, made and distributed without having a detrimental impact on Mother Earth is such an important topic that everyone should be talking about right now.

Is it enough to talk about it?

Talking about how to make a change to products and clothing is a great place to start, as long as action is taken to set things in place as soon as possible. Start off by contacting all of the providers you use in the production of your garments and inquire about their contributions to environmental causes.

Ask about their production methods, materials used, and anything they are doing to help the earth. Ensure the fibers and material used in your clothing are all sourced ethically. The materials should be as natural or organic as possible. Let everyone know that you will want to advertise this positive information in the clothing tag.

Showcasing the information on the tag

While sourcing the material and production methods ethically is the most important thing, it is also beneficial to share this information with the customer! You can let them know that what they are buying and wearing is the result of such a unique process and background by using custom clothing tags.

Custom tags enable you to choose exactly what is written on your tag. Even if you already have a system in place for tagging your clothing, you can add an additional tag or another layer to an existing tag that has all of the information you want to pass to the customer.

This information can include where the material was sourced, how it was made and facts about the production process. Your custom clothing tags can use a small infographic that showcases the environmental impact, the natural ingredients of the fibers in the garment, and even the compensation made to the workers who were part of making the garment.

Gaining trust

It is important to share this information on a tag so customers know exactly what they are purchasing. Gaining the trust of the consumer can be tricky when you don’t get to directly speak with them to show them exactly what you are all about.

Sharing the sourcing of your garment with them directly on the tag allows them to see exactly what they are purchasing. They can see this every time they use the garment as well, further reminding them of what a great piece of clothing they purchased and hopefully inspiring them to buy more!

If you find that some processes in the production of your garments could be improved from an environmental or sustainability standpoint, take action to bring about some changes. There are plenty of companies who support the earth in every possible way, and there are plenty of ways to create clothing that is ethical and environmentally friendly to help your company work toward a better future for our earth.