Essentials of Sustainable Clothes Washing

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Posted on: May 26, 2016

Fashion is one of the most demanding and glamorous industries that come with fair share of challenges. Professionals’ part of this industry understands the dynamics of this profession and work accordingly. Many are of the opinion that the world of fashion is in some way affecting the environment and care needs to be taken so that the environment can be preserved in some way or the other. It is important for the fashion world to contribute towards environment preservation and there are several ways in which this contribution is possible.

Fashion industry’s contribution towards Nature preservation is a huge umbrella and there are several aspects and layers to it. This needs to be discussed and understood separately because of the dynamic and diverse range of information that is present. As of now, let us focus on a very simple and basic step that consumers can do on a regular basis. That is the sustainable ways of washing clothes as a step towards water preservation. It is a small step but an important one and if everybody can follow this then problem surrounding water conservation can be solved considerably. So let us check out how individuals with a strong love for clothes can put forward their contribution.

Encouraging Dry Cleaning Processes – Dry cleaning is one of the most effective ways of preserving water and at the same time getting your clothes washed and cleaned. Garments designed today mostly specify dry cleaning processes. Dry cleaning as a process is mostly dependent on the kind of clothes used.

Avoid Options of “Wash Separately” – Wash separately is an option that is clearly mentioned on some of the clothes labels. This washing instruction is categorically mentioned in clothes labels. But this clothes washing process implies more water wastage. Such an instruction is mentioned because of the materials used in the clothes labels.

Right Materials for Fabric Labels – It is essential to wash clothes and also the fabric labels those come attached with the clothes. However, when the right materials are used for designing fabric labels, you will not need to wash these labels extensively. Minimising the usage of water to wash clothes labels is an effective way to cut down on water consumption.

Prefer Cold Water Wash – It is important to note that using hot water wash is a costlier affair and has a bad impact on the environment. However, using cold water is a great way save 80% to 90% energy costs in washing. Hot water is also very hard on your garments thus it is time to switch to cold water to make your environment a better place to live in.

Use of Sustainable Materials – Sustainable materials are the best way to preserve Nature and increasing clothes stores are coming up with designs where the use of sustainable materials are highest.

As consumers with a strong love for fashion, it is important that they put forward their contribution towards the environment because that is essential. Clothes washing are a regular activity and putting forward water conservation efforts in this regular activity is an effective contribution.