Fashion Trends We Can Learn from the Game of Thrones

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Posted on: June 17, 2016

Who hasn’t heard of ‘Game of Thrones’? I guess there’s no one who has not heard about this extremely popular TV series that has swept the nation off their feet. It has gained prominence in the entertainment industry with its excellent adaptation, plot, characters, costume and so on. You may be an ardent follower of ‘Game of Thrones’ and must have watched all the seasons a million times. After a season ends you wait eagerly for the next one to come up. Well, yes that’s the impact of this fantastic fantasy drama. There are a few people who pay attention to the intricacies of the seasons. If you have a knack for fashion, then you’ll love the fashion line that the characters display. It’s a treat to the eyes. I bet even the novice in the field of fashion will notice the remarkable trends that the mega serial showcases to its fans. So, if you haven’t started watching it yet, start watching it for a drama that is filled with different styles of outfits that all the fashionistas out there are craving for.

The lead costume designer Michele Clapton and her team of dynamic talented fashion designers have worked uniquely in giving meaning to each and every character of the series. Their hard work paid off well when this show became the talk of the town. If you understand fashion you’ll be able to gauge the importance of such designs in complimenting the personality of each of the characters in the serial. Michele Clapton has been appreciated and universally acclaimed for her commendable job. She was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for all five seasons of the Game of Thrones. Out of which, she has won twice for Season 2 and Season 4 respectively.

Before I get into the detailing of the costumes for this hit show, let me tell you about the inspiration behind the costume designing for this show. The outfits in this show are inspired by many cultures like of the Japanese and Persian. As it’s a political drama, it is set against a dark background which automatically makes the costumes overpowering. The clothing line is classy, patriotic and heavily embroidered with the faces of dominating animals that illustrate the power of the authorities. The interesting fact about the clothing intricacies of the series is the use of bones and skins of animals to touch the tone of perfection by the designer. Michele has done justice to her work for which she earned accolades and recognition.

Costumes of the Characters of the Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones portrays a charade of different kinds of characters signifying different sections of the society. On one hand there is a creamy layer of the society clad in royal heavily-designed dresses. On the other hand, there are costumes made for the prostitutes which are sleazy and focus on the economic condition of the different strata of the society. As the series deals with the political allegiances of different regions of the world from the North, the Westerlands or the Reach, the fashion is varied and shows a variety. Not only the exclusive apparels, the intricate jewelry, accessories and hairdo are the trendsetters for the mass. Clapton always believed that the design of the nobles inspires the common people irrespective of their social backgrounds.

Fashion Trends that can be followed

The Game of Thrones is a paradise for all the fashion lovers for its royal fashion trends well combined with comfort matching the status of the different societies. Every woman in the series has her own unique style reflecting the home’s climate, her social stature and of course her personality. The inspiring blood-red gowns of Cersei Lannister, the chic Bohemian style of Daenerys Targaryen or the subtle pastel coloured dresses of Sansa Stark and Margarey Tyrell are inspirational. It has taken the fashion industry by storm.

So, why don’t you try some of the outstanding looks styled by these characters to grab all the eyes at the party? I’m sure you’ll not be left unnoticed by a single person present at the gathering. For such attention, keep reading below:

Princess gown– If you want to steal the show at the party then pick on a princess gown without any doubt. These royal gowns are not only rich in color but also heavily embroidered which adds a sense of aristocracy to your look. So, if you’re a big fan of the Game of Thrones you’ll love to dress as the princesses of the series. Why don’t you flaunt some style of the fashionistas with your own uniqueness? Think about it!

Bohemian gown– Do you love Boho fashion? If yes, then try Bohemian fashion at the prom and enjoy those glaring eyes. The noodle strap, halter neck or the off-shoulder flowing long maxi dress looks elegant, chic and stylish. If you love floral prints, then flaunt bright floral motifs. Pastel colored Bohemian dresses look extremely classy with a different aura of elegance and sheer beauty. If you think you can pull off a Bohemian look then go for it.

DIY gown– Well, sometimes the subtle beauty overpowers all that jazz you’re looking for. Why don’t you try a simple single colored A-line gown paired with a metallic belt in the middle? Dare to look different as I’m sure you’ll be the center of attention among all. When you can beautify your dress with a little bit of innovation then why do you want to follow the herd? Try the look and enjoy the praises.

The above-mentioned fashion trends have made the characters of the series all the more famous among the girls. The show displays a saga of richness blended perfectly with the fashion taste of the regions catering to the interest of the audience. There are many celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss and so on who have flaunted the masterpieces inspired by Michele Clapton. So, if you love fashion, then I’m sure Game of Thrones will make you want more of it. When you can do fashion, show it at its best and in a Game of Thrones way!