Five Things You Must Remember While Designing Customized Furniture Label

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First impression matters a lot when it comes to business.The current competitive market actually gives you not more than one single opportunity to make your brand memorable in your potential customers’ minds. And that’s it. You simply have no other options left to impress your customers later on unless you are able to make an impact on the first chance. So, it’s imperative that you use packaging specific custom labels, so that it can make an instant impact on the minds of your customers. The impression of your brand’s label will be in your customers’ mind for years and soon it will become synonymous with your company’s brand.

So, if you are trying to start off with a furniture business, following are the points that you must keep in mind while designing a label for your furniture.


Color is the prime attribute of any label that you design for your business. It’s the thing, which your customers will notice at the very beginning. It should be eye-catching, but should not be garish enough to the customer’s eyes. When it comes to customized furniture labels, bright colors work great, but make sure that the color you are using can effortlessly go with the theme. The font and size of the letters used in various parts of the label should also be complementary and easy to read.


Keep in mind that the logo is what identifies your company and it is the first recognizable link between your brand and the target audience. So, when you are designing a customized label for yourproduct,make sure that the logo on custom labels appears large and can be identified easily. However, it should not overshadowthe other information on the label. Getting your logo imprinted on the labelreveals a sense of class and panache that willfurther create abrand association in customers’ minds.

Contact Information

A custom furniture label is simply useless, if you don’t put the contact information in it.It helps in packaging and shipping purposes as well as gives your brand a credibility. Your company’s name, address and phone numbers should be clearly printed in such a place, where your customer and the delivery company, can clearly see it. Make sure that a similar kind of a label is available inside also.


When it comes to furniture labels, it’s better to get them laminated. Due to shipping, the sticker labels might get perished and obviously, a product without a label is likely to lose its credibility.An ideal approach to preserve the viability of your custom labels is to get them laminated. The shiny laminated surface will be water repellent, and at the same time will make your labels stand out.

Stretchable Tape

In order to get a custom label designed within a tight budget, any brands get the custom printed packaging labels designed on a stretchable tape. This is easy to remove, if needed, without compromising the adhesive, and the package wrapping. This will help you to avoid wasting labels due to errors.

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