For Clothing Business Owners: Will Going Tagless Save You Money?

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Posted on: Dec 18, 2015

Some of the brands have already done it and they have been able to save quite a lot of money, as they have proclaimed. They have considered this to be a great way to reach out to more clients. Adding tags to garments have their own pros and cons. For undergarments and activewears for example, tags might be really troublesome as they come in direct contact with the skin causing irritation. To get rid of this, it is indeed advisable to avoid tags for such clothing.

On the other hand, tags may, however, look very trendy and stylish on shirts and gowns and other designer wear. Furthermore, these custom made woven fabric labels can prove to be good branding techniques that promote brand recognition. For example, when you go out for a run, wearing your sportswear, nobody would be interested to know the brand it belongs to. Therefore, in such a case you can have the liberty to avoid tags. But, in the case of a sophisticated business meet, people will actually be critical about the way you dress and sometimes they may also like to know the brand of the shirt or trouser you would wear, a tag, in this case will be responsible for your brand building.

Let’s read the advantages of going tagless.

Using the Right Kind of Label

There is a number of clothing line businesses that opt for the taffeta labels. These are cost effective but very irritating for the skin. The materials are scratchy and due to the overuse of taffeta labels, people believe that tags of any kind will be annoying to their skins. However, this is a common issue and customers often search for clothes which don’t have taffeta labels. But there are some reputed labeling firms that make use of damask or satin materials for creating the woven labels. These are of good quality and are also affordable. The satin and damask labels are smooth and also feel really comfortable.

Brand Promotion and Increased Exposure

The clothing companies who have used tags or taffeta labels have often complained about no or very less brand recognition. This is because most of the consumers cut the tags and throw them in the bins as they irritate their skins. This way, they forget the brand after just a few weeks or months and the brand promotion goes for a toss.

To avoid this, the woven labels are stamped on the fabric with superior heat-transfer technology. These labels take a lot of time to fade or get discolored. Hence, even if the garment is worn out, the branding information remains intact. In order to ensure brand retention, high-quality woven labels are the best option for the clothing line business.

So, what do you think you should do now? Should you save money by going tagless and gradually lose on your brand promotion or choose some good quality woven labels and stay in the minds of the customers for years to come? The choice is yours!