Garment Label Requirements Designers Must Remember

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Posted on: Apr 08, 2016

The clothes business is an extremely glamorous domain to be a part of and at the same time it is equally challenging. Challenging because the fashion trends are never constant and the only constant aspect is the fact that the trends keep changing. This implies that people part of the clothes industry need to be aware of the changing trends and adapt to it accordingly. Clothes are glamorous because they add a lot of character and spunk to an individual. So, people interested in being a part of this industry need to be aware of the challenges they need to face amidst the glitz and the glamour. However, you can only feel the glamour when you have worked hard enough to enjoy it. The biggest yardstick of hard work is when your clothes business becomes successful. Success comes to those who work hard towards it with the constant aim to improve and push the envelope further.

It is important to note that in the clothes industry garment labels play an important role. These labels are a reflection of the business and stand for all the aspects that the clothes store believes in. So, make sure that the garment labels give the right identification of your business to the target audience. Interestingly, this aspect of identification also depends on the owner because he along with the designers decide the label designs. In the entire designing process add the right text, colors, shapes and logos to make the clothes labels look appealing. There are other essential requirements that need to be added to the labels which we will be talking about now.

  • Information about the Clothes – The origin of the clothes namely the country, the name of the manufacturers and the fiber content of the clothes need to be mentioned on the labels. This information is essential for the buyers to know.
  • Label Placement on Clothes – The labels need to be placed strategically so that potential buyers can spot them easily. Placement of labels needs to be given a lot of thought and make sure that they are easy to spot.
  • Cleaning Process – The method used to clean clothes need to be categorically mentioned in the labels in order to avoid any sort of damage. The cleaning method that should be used like dry wash or hand wash or machine cleaning all need to be mentioned.
  • Water Temperature – When talking about the clothes washing approach that needs to be followed, make sure that the water temperature information is clearly mentioned. This is yet again to keep the clothes long lasting and durable.

These are certain essential information that needs to be added in the clothes labels because that helps buyers to handle the clothes well. Labels are important not just from the marketing perspective but they also play a key role in sending out the right instructions. Make sure that designers add the right information in these labels along with thinking of the right designs.