Garment Labels Are More Important Than You Realize

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Every one among us has seen those small labels at the backside of the garment. They can be attached to different places depending upon the garment design and the type of garment. What we seldom realize is that small piece of label has massive importance. Believe it or not, that garment label can actually decide whether a brand of clothing will succeed in the market or not. Read on to find out more.

Creating brand awareness and recognition

Anyone into business knows how important it is to build brand recognition and have a loyal customer base. Now consider having the brand logo on the garment. Every time a person is going to wear it, the logo will be viewed and it will enhance brand recognition without you even trying. This is a psychological effect that will automatically bring the person back to your brand’s garments. However, it is important that you ensure that the quality of the garment is really great for the positive effect to happen.

The garment label is extremely important in creating such brand awareness. It is not always a feasible solution to have the brand logo stitched or printed on any part of the garment. The label serves this purpose and is well hidden so that it does not reduce the elegance and beauty of the garment in any way whatsoever.

Providing garment care information

Not every fabric is the same and each one needs to be taken care of in a different manner. While some fabrics can be washed using washing machine, there are those garments that will need to be hand washed and dried in shade. These are valuable garment care information that needs to be provided by the garment manufacturer. The garment label is the best place to mention these information since it will stay with the garment and no matter how old the garment gets, the user will not have any trouble checking these points before washing.

Information related to size

Believe it or not, there are a lot of shoppers who will actually check out the size of the clothes they are wearing at that particular moment before finding new ones at a shopping mall. Having proper size information mentioned on the label will help shoppers know the right size. It has dual benefit since the shopper is more likely to opt for a new garment from your brand during the process.

When it comes to providing generic size information such as ‘S’ for ‘small’, ‘M’ for ‘medium’, ‘L’ for ‘large’, most brands will vary in terms of the exact measurement. This creates further confusion among shoppers. A proper garment label with perfect information about the size helps shopper choose the right product. If your garments come with the perfect size information, then it is more likely to be selected by any shopper at a shopping mall.

Even though really small and seemingly irrelevant, garment labels are important. Make sure you get a professional garment label designer to create the label for your range of garments.