Garment Labels: Some Unique styles that stand out

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A clothing label may seem like just a little piece of fabric but it is way more than that. A clothing label carries all the vital information about a brand and often plays an important role in influencing people’s purchase decision. Custom designed labels add a special appeal to the apparel and ensure that the manufacturer’s brand identity is well established.

Xpresa Labels is one of the most trusted label manufacturers that have been making bespoke labels since 2002. They make high quality woven labels, printed labels, hang tags, furniture labels and more. Xpresa Labels has made a strong foothold in the industry with their quick deliveries and unique designing services.

Along with the usual woven or printed labels, at Xpresa Labels you can also get some unique designs such as the following custom made ones.

Beaded labels:

These labels stand out and never fail to catch the eye whether they are put at the back of the apparel or in front. The beads used here can be of varying shapes, gloss and colour and are extremely effective in making a bold statement.

Die Cut Labels:

These labels have a unique shape and look distinct because of the precise cut and finish that they have. The label is fashioned in the form of a little pillow and the brand’s logo is imprinted on it. These labels are not too big and are often used as a zipper pull.

Studded Labels:

Often found in very expensive and fashionable garments, the studded labels also help in creating a unique statement. These labels amplify the garment’s sophistication and appeal and give the wearer that feeling of wearing a premium product.

Sequential numbered Labels:

These labels are primarily used to prevent counterfeits from duping customers. Manufacturers put a specific number code on each label which not only helps in quick identification of the product also helps in retrieving relevant details about the product.

While these label designs certainly stand out, certain specific techniques are also used to ensure that the label never fails to catch the eye. Here’s more on the techniques.

Color selection:

It is important to ensure that the label does not blend in with the garment and that can be done by ensuring that the label is of a completely different color. The stark contrast in both, color and fabric can ensure that the label stands out and looks distinct.

Font Selection:

The font selection should be such that it is legible as well as uncomplicated. Ideally, the font used in making the logo should be similar to that used in the rest of the content presented. This creates a sense of seamlessness and is always appreciated by customers.

Label Placement:

For the label to stand out, it must also be placed in a position that catches the eye. Positions like the sleeve folds, zipper pulls as well as the place where the front and back fold of garments like long shirts meet are some very good positions where the label will stand out.

Whether it is high quality woven labels or printed labels, adding a little bling as well as being a little creative with the presentation goes a long way in helping the label stand out. Xpresa Labels has the experience and expertise to create bespoke labels of the highest quality that can go a long way in enhancing a brand’s image.