Garment Labels – Types of Fabrics Used!

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The label used in a garment is much more than a mere piece of fabric. It is your company’s introductory speech. The label helps you to communicate with your clients so that you can connect with them. In short, the label describes the product. It draws the attention of the buyer towards the product. The buyer decides whether he will purchase the product or not after checking out the label.

What is The Purpose of Using Labels?

Labels play an integral role in communicating with the buyers about the material used to make the garment. They communicate how to take care of the particular garment and mention everything about the product. You will come to know about the size of the garment, the name of the manufacturer from the label. In short, it mentions in detail all the important must knows about the apparel in question.

To cash in on the advantages offered by the label, manufacturers use their own type of labels so as to create their own unique identity. Customized Garment Labels are trending. More and more manufacturers are using these labels. Attractive labels help to enhance the beauty of the garment. Labels make it easier for the customer to recognize the brand. It helps to create brand awareness.

What are the Different Types of Garment Labels?

Garment Labels can be made out of different types of fabrics in different styles and finishes. In the ultimate analysis, it depends on the manufacturer as to what type of label he will manufacture.

Manufacturers produce labels as individual pieces or as part of a continuous roll. If the production is carried out in the form of a roll, each label is cut out and then attached to the garment.

What are the Different Types of Fabrics Used in Labels?

The fabrics that are commonly used in manufacturing labels include satin, damask, semi-damask and taffeta. In some cases, as per client specifications, canvas, felt and even cotton are used to make the garment label. Satin is the most preferred material while PVC is used in case of bags and even pants.

Which Fabric is The Best?

Satin labels are soft to touch and look quite pretty but they are not the best fabric as they tend to tear easily. They are not durable and are very thin in texture.

Taffeta labels are stiffer in texture and are durable in nature. However, this fabric can irritate the skin because of its stiffness.
Damask and semi-damask are the best variety of labels. They are soft to touch, extremely durable and there is no irritation caused by these labels. Semi-damask is comparatively cheaper than damask.

Now that you have a fair idea about Garment Labels, you can use them in your clothing line. Opt for the one that best fits your requirement and budget. Labels are the best way to promote your garments in the most effective manner without spending too much. What are you waiting for? Contact the service provider today!