Guide to Choose Apparel Labels that Go With Your Brand

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Posted on: Jan 13, 2016

The world of business is getting more competitive with each passing day. Brands dealing in similar kind of products and services are trying to create a distinct identity for themselves. And for all these reasons and more, business owners can no longer stay restricted to selling quality products but also focus equally on building the brand. Branding is an important activity carried out both offline and in the digital space. Minute details are taken care of considering the fact that the present day consumers have a lot of options to choose from and therefore, think much before making certain purchase decisions. So, if you have a clothing business or if you are planning to start one soon, you might be wondering as to what can be your way of branding. Well, as an apparel brand, it is important that you pay attention to the apparel labels that accompany each of your products. An apparel label might seem rather small but it certainly plays a very significant role when it comes to the overall brand identity establishment of your business.

While there are some reputed service providers online willing to help you with your garment labels requirement, it is you who have to communicate the specifications well. So, what should be the ideal look of the tags? Should they have the brand colors? Let’s find out in details.

The Material

Apparel Labels are usually of two types, woven and printed. In the printed labels, the name or the pattern is printed with ink and in the woven labels; colourful threads are used to put together the entire label. Both have a charm of their own but the woven labels look more sophisticated and can create a greater impact than their counterpart.

The Message

The idea of a label is to attach a unique and consistent identity to the apparels. The clothes will, of course, vary in terms of colour, fabric, design and so on but the tag will act in a similar way as a logo. Remember instances when you could identify what brand the other person was wearing just by recognizing the logo or tag that is attached to the pocket and so on. So, a tag should ideally contain the logo and communicate the message of your brand while staying simple at the same time.

The Colour

Choosing the colour of an apparel label is a little tricky. Since the colours of the dresses will vary widely, the colours of the tags need to be a contrasting one. If you go for colours like black or white, the labels will go completely unnoticed on similar coloured clothes. The best thing to do would be to go for naturally bold colours like yellow or charcoal grey. Such colours will stay visible no matter what colours they are made to combine with.

Keeping these little tricks and tactics in mind helps you come up with impactful labels that make your brand stand out in the competitive market.