Hem Tags: The Latest Concept for Garment Tags

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It’s easy to underestimate the importance of clothing label. With just a little bit of material and some small print, it’s easy to overlook. But in reality, this one small item makes a big difference. Today, manufacturers are placing the labels in a whole new place, ensuring that they get a little extra attention.

Placement of Labels

It might be a little over the top to place a label right in the middle of a shirt. Instead, these smaller labels, often only an inch in length and width, are placed on the hem of different items. They are exposed on the outside but don’t take away from the garment. This is ideal for both the manufacturer and the person wearing the garment. Instead of asking who made a certain clothing item, others can easily see the branding on the outside.

Some of the time the label will still be located on the neckline. But instead of being tucked inside, it will be placed on the outside of the collar. It’s still small but it’s sure to get some additional attention. The hem label can also be located on the bottom hem of a shirt or the on the sleeve, the waistline of a pair of pants or shorts, and even be placed along the side pocket of a pair of shorts.

Attention for Custom Labels

When it comes to clothing labels custom designs, manufacturers put a lot of time, thought, and energy into the process. From the colors selected to the type of logo, the goal is to make something that is aesthetically pleasing. But in the past, the label has been tucked away inside of clothing, not really being noticed by anyone with the exception of the wearer.

Today, with the new placement, custom labels designs can be viewed by everyone easily. A wider range of people is able to appreciate all of the effort that went into making those custom labels. It allows for subtle marketing that people don’t mind participating in. For some, the pride of wearing a certain brand may even have them looking for labels located on the outside of their garments.

Gone are the days of labels tucked away inside of clothing items. One of the latest trends is to place that label on the outside, ensuring that it is viewed by a wide range of people. From the hem of a sleeve to the back of a collar, the branding is going to be more exposed. Why put a lot of work into designing a custom label only to tuck it away for very few to see?

If you’re looking to create labels for garments, it might be time get rid of the more traditional approach to labeling your items. Instead, consider making those labels more prominent, even placing them front and center on everything from shirts to pants. You’ll appreciate the fact that more people are going to take notice of your items and you’ll benefit from the free marketing.