High quality printed labels for clothing

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Xpresa is an online printed clothing label company which produces high-quality bespoke labels. With clients including Fortune 500 companies, the firm’s products are highly regarded. Designing and manufacturing clothing labels with a company like Xpresa will guarantee you an outstanding product.

Why choose Xpresa?

If you have your own clothing company and would like to outsource the label design and manufacture then Xpresa is the company for you. Their experienced team will help you come up with a suitable label to promote your printed labels clothing brand. Once a proof has been approved, they will dispatch the labels to you in 8-10 business days. Their customer service ensures they have an exceptional reputation as an online label retailer. All costing options are available upfront.

Types of labels available

Printed clothing labels are available for brand logo labels as well as the care labels. Additionally, Xpresa can make hang tag labels for use outside the clothing. The printed labels are fine and flexible which makes them easy to sew onto clothing. The hang tag labels are of a cardboard material and are usually attached by string.

There are varied materials you can choose from when designing your clothing labels:

Satin Acetate

Satin acetate is the most common material used in printed labels clothing. It is generally used where comfort is important as well as cost. Due to the nature of the acetate, three colours can be used on a label. They are manufactured with pre-made ribbon that can be printed on. An ultrasonic cutter can be used for a smooth finish where the label will be in contact with the skin. Examples are available to view on the website.

Woven labels

Woven labels are a superior and hard-wearing choice. They are incredibly smooth and comfortable to wear. Up to eight colours can be used on the label design ensuring a striking and unique finish. They are extremely durable and can withstand harsh environmental conditions. They will endure countless wash cycles without fading in the way that ink labels can. As the labels are woven using thread colours they can accurately reproduce your artwork ensuring that your label is unique. Examples of woven labels are available to view on the website.

Choosing the right size and colour

You can choose labels with different font sizes depending on your needs. The smallest print font for labels is 5pt, however, the larger the font, the easier it is to read. Woven labels are best used with an upper-case lettering in a larger size font.

Using the colour chart provided, you can choose the colours that you wish to use in your labels. Over 3000 threads are available for woven labels, a fantastic colour range that should match your criteria.


You can use the design tool on the website to create a straightforward design or attach a picture with your design on it. Where possible, this will be reproduced and a proof copy will be sent for approval.

With the promise of a quick turnaround as well as free shipping, Xpresa is an excellent choice for your clothing printing needs. The testimonials on the website are evidence of the successful work produced for a variety of clients. The online design tool and ordering service make buying labels very easy indeed.