How to Choose the Right Type of Label for your Brand

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A consumer is always on the lookout for a brand label that matches their taste and preference. They decide whether to buy or not to buy a product based on the brand label and its content. But a lot of companies are still not sure what type of label is suitable for their products. This blog is a rundown of different types of labels to help the businesses choose the right label for their brand.

Woven labels

These types of labels are created with high quality weaving material and woven touches to assure durability that can be tested under harsh conditions. The price of these labels depends on the customization of color, content, size, and cuts. These are woven by different types of looms according to the requirements of the client. These are generally preferred in clothing line business and the labels can be produced in various forms like high definition, damask, satin, and taffeta. Woven labels are used for products like children wear, t-shirts, pet products, sportswear, Men’s and women wear, etc.

Different forms of woven labels

High definition woven labels: These labels are created with the highest quality weaving material with more number of thread counts for a smoother finish and cleaner cut.
Damask woven labels: These labels are prepared by using soft texture thread to fill in more details of the brand and product.
Satin woven labels: As the name suggests, these polyester blended labels are created by using needle or broadloom set up assuring a smoother texture.
Taffeta woven labels: These labels are also polyester based and are used for products that cannot be exposed to skin.

Printed labels

Printed labels are more a cost-effective alternative that are popularly used by a lot of big brands. These labels are imprinted with ink and unline woven labels these are susceptible to fading away with frequent washing. However, a good label maker will assure high quality ink for more longevity. They can also be used for hang tags with different types of printed touches like matte, glossy or semi glossy. Printed tags are mostly favorable in businesses like clothing line, fashion and lifestyle accessories, home accessories or industrial uses.

Adhesive or Heat seal labels

Adhesive labels are pressure sensitive labels that can be printed or woven and are used for products that are not exposed to washing and rubbing. These peel and stick labels are generally used for items like industrial products, glassware, shoes, medical equipment and devices, stationery products, etc.

If you’re into clothing line business, you should focus on the type of size labels. Size labels again can be printed, woven or peel and stick.

Now that you know the different types labels that can be ideally used for your company, you can order clothing labels or any other types of labels at lowest prices. Simply upload your design here or use Xpresa Label’s Design Tool.