How to Choose your Custom Clothing Label Maker

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So you’re all geared up to launch your clothing line but still left with one of the most important things – creating good clothing labels. Custom clothing labels can be the best solution to get it just the way you want it to be. There are a host of platforms which will assure you with high-quality deliverables. The challenge is to pick out the ideal label maker aligned with your business requirements. Here are some of the things you should consider when you opt for ordering your custom clothing label.

  • The label-type factor

The label makers should give you the flexibility to choose different types of labels tailored to your budget. Woven and printed is the most common type of label which is usually considered by clothing line businesses. Woven and printed labels again are categorized into various types like Satin, Tafetta, Damask, and many others.  

  • The cuts & folds factor

Check if you are able to choose the right cuts and folds for your label. Center fold, end fold, Mitre fold, and Manhattan fold are generally considered for clothing labels. Straight cut, Circle cut, and custom Die cut are common types of label cuts.

  • The logo & design factor

This is one of the crucial parts that will determine the fate of your brand name. Create your brand logo and design wisely to ensure it has a connecting factor with your target customers. You can opt for online label design tools where you can choose the label size, font, text color, background color, etc. You should be able to submit your designs in file formats like .jpg, .pdf or .ai files. To learn how to make your custom clothing label attractive, 

  • The time factor

Make sure the label maker doesn’t take an eternity to deliver your bulk order. Once they receive your quote, they should send you a custom quote with appropriate samples within a day or two. Once you decide on purchasing, the order should not take more than 15 days to reach you.

  • The cost factor

How will you ensure that you are given value for money from your label maker? There should be no catch when they say things like, ‘No upfront cost’ ‘No Hidden cost’ or ‘Free set-up fees’. They should call a spade a spade and stick to what they promise.

  • The durability factor

You wouldn’t want your label content to fade away by a couple of washes, isn’t it? Make sure the label makers send you samples that establish the high-quality and longevity of the labels. Please note, woven labels are much more durable than printed labels because woven labels are woven in a high-quality thread and printed label content fades after several washes. However, printed labels are much more cost-effective than woven labels and it is used by a lot of big clothing brands.

Last but not the least; please go through the privacy policy and terms and conditions thoroughly to stay on the same page with your custom clothing label maker.