How to Create and Design a Custom Label for your Clothing Brand

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Are you a budding entrepreneur who’s planning to launch your clothing line anytime soon? Have you given much thought about the clothing label? If not then it’s high time you equally pay heed to the label type and tags as it will serve as your visiting card and lend a distinct identity to your brand.

By creating a custom printed or woven label you will be able to influence the purchasing decision of a lot of potential customers as most of them look up to the brand label and then decide to buy the product.  The best feature of creating a custom label is you will be spoilt for a variety of choices. You can personalize the shape, cuts and folds, design, color, logo, font, and the concept of the label and tags.

How to create the design

You can enlist help from  where you need to insert the length, width, font type, font size, text color, background color, and label size. You can create your label template and select the type of material you would like to apply.

You can also take control of the increasing, reducing, or resizing the label size and content. These design tools will also ensure you don’t misprint the content and offer the flexibility to provide the file format including a simple design, MS Paint, Clear Sketch or the font written in an email with requested positioning and layout.  The label makers will provide you the sample within a few days to ensure your label is ready to be printed in bulk per your requirements.

The label content

A custom label consists of minimal or detailed information based on the business requirements of the client. Generally these are the main features that should be included in the clothing label, tags, and hangtags:  The brand name, tagline, product name, size of the product, batch number, ID, address of the manufacturers, warning, care instructions, barcodes, interesting trivia of the brand, and other information relevant to the product and brand.

The type of label

Woven or printed, you need to decide the type of the clothing depending on your budget. You will be offered with woven labels, which can be satin, taffeta, and damask. Woven labels are created by using threads that are projected through a loom to provide a high level of detail similar to embroidery but with much more sophisticated stitches and finish.

You can also create printed labels with satin and hang tags. The printed labels are a more affordable option than the woven labels which are created using high-quality ink.