How To Decide What Type Of Garment Labels To Choose

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When choosing labels for your garments you need to choose the most suitable material for the garment you are going to attach it to. A lot of the label options are versatile, but aren’t necessarily suitable for skin contact or regular washes. These pointers will help you to choose the most suitable option for your needs.

  • Firstly, is the label going to have contact with skin? If yes, then the label should be soft as to not irritate and scratch the skin. Options here are woven damask labels or printed satin.
  • Are you applying the label to children’s clothing? Again, you should go for something that is smooth and soft, such as woven damask or satin, so it doesn’t feel scratchy.
  • Where on the garment will the label be applied? On the inside; choose something soft to touch. On the outside; choose something hard wearing that won’t fade after washing, such as a taffeta woven garment labels. These will stay visible for the life of the garment.
  • If there is a lot of detail in your design you should opt for a high-density label. A digi color weave has photo-like qualities to create a clear and vibrant image.
  • If you want a high-end finish you can have your woven labels laser cut. This cutting operation add a luxury finish to the high-quality label.
  • Consider your budget. There are a lot of options that can fulfill your requirements. Consider whether the label is to be removed or needs to last the life of the garment when you set your budget.
  • Branding is important and helps people identify what brand the clothing is. Use your label to differentiate your brand from others. The finished label must look professional and high quality.

Woven garment labels tend to be the most durable option. They are made with threads woven on a loom and are very tough. They add a professional retail finish. The colors stay vibrant wash after wash, and they stay looking great. They usually cost slightly more than printed labels, but do withstand their high-end appearance.

Printed labels are quick to manufacture and are usually cheaper than woven labels. They have a crisp clean finish. A lot of information can be displayed clearly on a printed label, but they do tend to fade after a while. If you require something totally individual you can create your own using the online design tool, or get a fast and simple quote. You decide the colors, size, fold, and measurements exactly as you want.

With the right label, you can create a luxury finish to proudly promote your brand. Your label puts a finishing stamp on your garment and should represent the garment and your brand. Take time to ensure the design and type of label you choose is suitable for the garment you are attaching it to. Our specialists in the textile and apparel label industry can help you choose the most suitable options. If you wish to stamp your brand on your garments professionally and uniquely, then labels are the perfect opportunity to do so.