How To Improve Your Brand With Hang Tags For Clothing

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You’re probably thinking that tags on clothing aren’t of major relevance to your business, but they play a part in brand recognition and customer expectations. They add a personal touch and can include useful information that your consumers may benefit from. They don’t have to only display the price of the garment, they can be jazzy, eye-catching, and represent your brand. Shoppers that are unsure whether or not to purchase your clothing may be encouraged to make a purchase with strategically placed tags that show relevant information.

Can hang tags for clothing really improve your brand?

Customers expect to find tags on clothing nowadays, and if they aren’t present this can negatively impact their decision to buy. If used properly, a hang tag can improve your position in the market amongst competitors and portray a professional business.

There is necessary information that should be included on your tag, which can make it challenging to get the design right. What should you include to improve your brand with such a simple addition to your clothing?

  • The first thing you must add to hang tags for clothing is your brand or logo. If you have a tagline add that in as well.

  • Any relevant information needs to be displayed as this will be what the customer is looking for. This could be price and size, and anything else you feel is significant to the product.

  • Include your company information, such as website, contact number, and social media information as this goes home with them.

  • Include care instructions if you prefer, but these are also suitable on inside garment labels. Do, of course, consider displaying care instructions if there are specific washing requirements, such as hand-wash only.

The challenge you may find when designing your hang tags for clothing will be ensuring they appeal to your average customer as you don’t want to restrict your target audience. In today’s competitive clothing marketplace, your tag should stand out and look appealing. This will help get your business noticed and increase brand awareness. If you are building a strong reputation for your brand already, utilizing a tag will ensure that consumers know immediately they are buying a high-quality product. By catching a customer’s eye and giving them relevant information right in front of them, they are more likely to buy.

The size of the tag should coincide with the size of the garment. They need to be seen, so can’t be too small, but will look untidy if they are too large for the garment. Keep them clear–cut and to the point. Create a clean and informative design to portray your brand across in a positive way.

Help your business get noticed using hang tags. Improve your brand and stand out above competitors. Don’t let your garments hide away, use bold, attractive colors and your logo to enable your brand to become recognisable, commanding attention. Taking the time and effort to produce a tag adds quality and a professional touch to your clothing while putting your brand out there to be recognized in future clothing purchases.