Importance of Quality in Fabric of Labels for Clothing

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Posted on: May 13, 2016

Have you ever seen a clothing line without labels? I’m sure no one ever witnessed a clothing line without labels. Well, labels are the most crucial part of the clothing industry. It gives an identity to the brand and also makes their presence felt in the market with its uniqueness. Can you compromise on the quality of the fabric of labels for clothing? It’s absolutely not advisable because if you settle for something not up to the standard now then don’t dream of making your business noticeable in the industry. Your clothing label is the reflection of your business, so the quality of the fabric used for labels should be of top quality. If you want to create a name for your business, invest properly on the fabrics that will help you give an identity in the market. The durability of the fabric sets you apart and helps you to stand at par with your competitors in the market.

The entrepreneurs understand the importance of the fabric quality in terms of giving their brand the recognition which one craves for. Choose a fabric that will give you all the appreciation that you want and make your brand a success. Here are the materials that are usually used for clothing labels, read below to know more:

Materials used for Clothing Labels-

The labels used for clothing industry are made of different materials like Damask, Taffeta, Satin and Woven cotton. These are the popular fabrics used by the clothing industry. Each one has their individual characteristics, price and appearance, choose the one that suits your brand and finalise one. Read below to know more about these fabrics-

  • Damask- It’s known for its softness and durability that is appropriate for infant clothing. It can tolerate harsh washing. Most importantly, the durability of the fabric allows minute detailing of the logo effectively on the labels. If you’re ready for spending, then pick this fabric as you’ll be happy with the end result.

  • Taffeta- It provides an artistic look with raised lettering and small visible dots. It’s preferred by most of the brands for its distinctiveness.
  • Satin- If you’re looking for that extra sheen on the label, then select satin without any second thought. It’s smooth, shiny and adds glamour to the brand. But, it’s not as durable as damask. If it satisfies your need then satin is a good choice.

  • Woven Cotton- It’s one of the strongest fabrics that are used by the majority for its simple nature. It’s cost-effective and adds value to the brand.

Decide on the fabric smartly at the initial stage to make a mark in the industry. You can’t pick a low-quality fabric for your clothing industry as it will not give you the significance which you’re looking for. Select a durable, trendy and high-end fabric for the clothing labels for your brand to reach the pinnacle of glory in the industry.