Important Things to Know About Clothing Tags

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Posted on: August 26, 2016

Are you planning to establish your own clothing line? Well, clothing tags are the integral parts of any apparel company. And, these can never be missed at any cost. The designers, who plan to launch their own apparel line, always think about creating a difference with these clothing tags. They tickle their minds to bring out a unique recognition for their brand to gain prominence in the industry. From all the eminent designers to the newbies in the market, all struggle to stand out in the crowd with their signature labels which automatically adds value to their brand. I can cite an instance for my above-statement like when you go for shopping you do check the labels before buying that particular product. Needless to say, clothing tags not only accentuates the brand’s value but also serves as the sources for reliability in times of exchange or return. So, invest more time to bring out a different clothing tag for which you’ll be well-known for your product in the business.

In the fashion world, designers invest a lot of their time, energy and money on bringing out the best labels for their company. Though there are mainly two types of garment labels and they are as follows:

Printed Clothing Labels– Well, most of the designers look forward to investing in these labels as they are easy and widely in demand. This is only because they are flexible and spacious. Sometimes, designers want to include personal messaging along with the name of the brand, its tagline and much more. In order to compete with their competitors, some designers look for incorporating photography on these labels with texts in stylish fonts and different colours. So, if you plan to add all these in your clothing tags then make sure the fabric used is of superior quality. The disadvantages of these labels are that they might fade away after few washes.

Woven Labels– What are you looking for? More space? Or Long durability? Well, if you’re searching for durable clothing tags then woven labels are the most appropriate choice for you. These contain the company’s name and the logo. Rest can be kept for the former types of labels because space is more and gives you enough room to include whatever pleases you to strike a difference. These woven labels as the name say are woven into the garment with polyester and cotton threads that make them durable and long-lasting. They are generally rectangular or oval shaped. Choose one shape that appeals you and integrate it into your brand.

If you follow the above-mentioned labels, you’ll be able to make a decision in order to select the types of labels that suit your business needs. Every designer has their own specifications regarding clothing tags, fabrics used for them, choosing the colours and much more. So, know what your requirement is and then zero down on the type of labels to bring accolades to your company.