Label That Fit Best on Clothes

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Labels are many types and clothing companies are experimenting with many different labels that give greater character to their designs. Choosing the right label may appear to be challenging due to the choices in the market. Learning about some types of logos may be helpful. Here is a list to select the right label for your dresses.

Woven Labels

Have you found those printed labels irritating when you wear your new clothes? They stick to the neck to make you feel scratchy. Recognizing this predicament many labeling companies like Xpresa Labels have chosen to rely more on woven labels. Woven labels feel soft and come in 8 colors depending on the brand. They offer more versatility. The price is quite reasonable and can withstand any amount of wear and tear. They stand well to washes as the colors never fade and stay as long as you are using your clothes.

Satin Labels

Another choice that many manufacturers prefer is satin labels that have the logo printed on them. Though the material is smooth and feels extremely soft to the skin, with time the printed logo starts fading and may be forgotten.

Heat Transferred Labels

Heat transferred labels feel good against the skin. However, they are expensive as you have to pay extra for the heat which comes up to the same cost of printed satin labels. Finding a skilled craftsman knowing how to adhere the labels on clothing is difficult. The charges are high. In most cases, it is a lot of running around with first printing and finishing the job.

Iron labels

Iron labels have been in practice for years and they are easy to use. However, the most important concern is that ironed labels have a tendency to peel out. However, some companies are making an effort to keep them stuck to the apparel even if the logo fades. They are ironed covering paper as protection and are made from a soft blend of cotton and polyester. With time these labels become a part of the garment. Ironing labels are useful in school uniforms and rest homes.

Rubber labels

Environmentally friendly rubber labels are also being used extensively by many companies. They are time tested and though don’t allow too much comfort but don’t act as a hindrance to the garment. These labels are best used on staff uniforms.

Silicon Transferable labels

Silicon labels are cost effective and can take any amount of stretching. They are heat resistant and produce a beautiful 3D effect. This too is environmentally friendly. This label can be customized in the best possible way. For unique brand logos on clothing, you can really do wonders with silicon transferable labels.

Choosing the right label depends on the fabric and material that the label will be used on. So choose your label wisely and get the best effect for your product.