Labeling Items For Nurseries And Child Care Centers

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Woven and printed labels are in virtually every piece of clothing, from infant wear to garments for adults. The clothing brand or manufacturer will have its logo printed in some way on each garment, along with possible washing instructions. Infant, toddler and children’s clothing items will have similar clothing labels with the brand and washing instructions listed on the garment itself.

Easily identifying children’s clothing items

With many common styles among children’s clothing, it can be hard for nurseries and child care centers to know which items belong to which children. This is when getting personalized labels can be very beneficial to differentiate between age groups and spaces, or even individual children.

Some nurseries use their logo on a label for extra clothing pieces that are sent in the diaper bag with the child when they are in care. It’s a great idea to provide these labels to the parents upon registering to help everyone stay organized and avoid any unnecessary confusion later. It is important to choose a label with a smooth design, perhaps a woven or damask label. This will help avoid any irritation to children’s sensitive skin.

Keeping the nursery or child care centre organized

The use of clothing labels doesn’t necessarily need to be confined to clothing. Other items can benefit from these types of labels, from blankets and shoes to special toys. Nurseries and early-years child care centers in particular have many items that can benefit from labeling.

Nap time comes up a few times a day in any nursery or child care center. This means fresh blankets and sheets may be needed multiple times a day. Some child care center are getting their nap times organized with labelled sheets for each day of the week, or to help differentiate morning and afternoon nap times. The labels are washable and help identify which sets of sheet or blankets are being used, keeping a clean and healthy rotation for nap times.

Besides clothing and blankets, there are many little feet passing through child care. That means many little shoes making their way in and out, being taken off and put back on multiple times a day by excited children. Thankfully, there are labels that can be easily put on shoes as well, such as pressure sensitive adhesive labels. These help staff easily find any rogue shoes and get them to their rightful owner. These personalized tags can also be placed on certain toys that children take into day care on a daily basis to help them keep track of their items.

In addition to children’s belongings, the uniforms of the staff can also be easily identified with labels. This can be accomplished with personalized names on sweaters that are often taken on or off, or even labeling different days of the week similar to sheets and blankets to ensure clean uniforms are worn each day. Whether they’re used for personalization or to help with organization, everything can run smoother with the help of labels.