Labels For Care Homes

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Living in a care or nursing home often means clothing is washed and dried communally in one large washer and dryer. This means people might not end up with the same garments they put in the wash, and it can leave the home with a pile of unclaimed clothing. This is especially the case if there are people living there who have Alzheimer’s or dementia or are otherwise unaware of which articles of clothing belong to them.

This is when having custom woven labels in the garments comes in handy. Labelled to each person living in the home, custom labels will help staff members and the people living there. Staff can also benefit greatly from custom labels for their own clothing or uniforms. The job can often get messy, and it might be important for a nursing home worker to change their uniform mid-shift. With custom woven labels sewn in the garment, it’s easy to tell which items belong to a person after laundering.

High quality for sensitive skin

Many people residing in a care or nursing home might have problems with their skin or sensitive skin in general, so having labels that will be less likely to irritate are ideal. Woven satin labels are a great option because they have a soft feeling with smooth edges.

Woven damask labels have the lettering or logo tightly woven to create a smooth surface more similar to printed labels but with the high quality of woven varieties. This is especially helpful if the label you are adding to the garment is the second label near the brand or clothing maker’s label. You will want to have a seamless label that is not noticeable when the person is wearing the item of clothing.

Placement in the garment

The labels can be sewn onto the garment with stitching on all sides to leave no part of the label sticking up. Alternatively, the label can create a loop that can be hung on a hook. For a loop, choose labels that are folded in half and sewn on one end or labels with the ends folded in and sewn on either side. Labels with the loop for easy hanging are very popular to add to garments that already have labels from the clothing maker because they can go right above or next to them.

Woven labels are strongly made so they can go through vigorous washes. They shouldn’t fade like printed labels might, which is quite helpful in a home that uses large industrial-type washing machines that tend to be a bit harsher on clothing.

With high-quality custom labels and excellent placement in the garment, everyone in the nursing or care home will be able to recognize their clothing. Each person living in the home can even have their own personalized logo or font to help differentiate items and to give everyone a more unique feel. You can use different colors or logos for different floors of rooms or for staff versus guests. Whatever you choose, customized labels are sure to help everyone.