Make You Athletes Feel Like A Team With Athletics Labels

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Whether the sport your club specializes in requires members to work as a team, or an individual, the importance of the club feeling like a team shouldn’t be underestimated. When they are training in your club they are part of your team and rather than thinking about themselves they should work together to progress as a group.

Club athletics wear unites your team, looks great during practice, and advertises your club. A lot of people find it a rush to get themselves or their children ready for practice after school / work commitments. Giving everyone the option of club wear makes it so much simpler to get ready in a hurry.

You can brand your clubwear using athletics labels. This can be anything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, hooded sweatshirts, caps, sports bags etc. When they are en-route to their club they are effectively advertising your club brand and increasing the awareness of your brand.

What should you consider when designing your athletics labels?

A strong brand identity can take your club to the next level. There are three important points to consider when creating to your labels to build a strong brand identity.


The label should be made to a high standard to withstand regular washes that athletics wear requires. A poor quality athletics label will fade and look untidy, which won’t represent your club as best as it could. A label that frays and fades won’t portray a good image.


The design should be clear and to the point. Make sure that everyone can clearly see the name of the club and, if you have room, you could add your website below the logo.


Your label should represent your club brand using your logo and color scheme. This is what people will recognize and remember. Take this opportunity to stand out and remain in people’s minds. Selecting a logo that is unique and represents the nature of the sport of your club will immediately help people know exactly what sport the team belongs to.

Offering athletics clothing can also help everyone in your club dress appropriately. The clothing you offer will be the most suitable and, therefore, help enhance performance without being restricting in any way for the sport that they are doing.

Generally, clothing that makes a team feel like they belong to a particular club is popular and it represents something that they themselves have an interest in. You can help your team to work together rather than as individuals by uniting them with your club branded athletics wear.

All labels are custom made to your requirements. Custom shapes can be made using a laser cut for accuracy if necessary. Woven labels are made using a loom where threads are interlaced on a loom. A finished woven label is tough and is perfect for your athletics wear as they don’t fade through washing and tend to keep their high-quality appearance. Promote your club with woven labels that are made to an exceptionally high standard and hold their professional appearance.