Placing the Right Label for the Right Product

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What kind of labels is best suited on fabrics? Different fabrics have different purposes and their need for labeling again distinguishes their utility. Clothing fabrics are different from home fabrics; therefore, their labeling styles and pattern too vary. Let’s focus on home fabrics and find out what kind of labels best go with these products such as mattresses, bedding items, pillows, curtains, upholstery, table clothes, carpets and rugs, towels and bath robes etc.

Features of fabric labels

1. The labels usually appear in rectangular and trapezoid form at the corner of the fabric. Printed labels are used for these products but the use of woven labels too is a very good option as they enhance the value of the product. Since fabrics offer larger space there are scopes of using photographs and other interesting elements within the label. If the production happens in a series then variation in labels are similar with different names and colors to indicate the features.

2. The fabric labels feature information about the product to the buyer, the logo, brand name and tagline of the product. The company address and web address and other contact details appear on the logo, the country of origin and fiber composition. Care instruction like washing directions, ironing and fire resistance instructions. Product instructions on a name, code, size feature and certificates are also mentioned on the label.

3. We will discuss some examples on how labels on certain items reveal information about them. In mattresses, for example, the labels usually appear at the corner of the product. Since this item is not subject to washing, labels used are mostly in printed forms. They feature the brand name and other important directives such as whether the mattress is orthopedics, ecological, pocketed etc. The mattress label at the side and the front with instruction are sewed at the side of the seam and appears in center fold.

4. Bedding labels that appear on duvets, blankets, sheets, quilts etc are sewed at the corner in a trapezoid at one side in a book fold. They also come in many languages and the preferred material in most cases is taffeta. All pillows whether decorative or sleeping should have labels attached in such a way that they should stay on woven when the customer starts using the product. Centre-fold labels are most popular on pillows.

5. Many home products also prefer self-adhesive logos as they offer an easy solution to display the characteristics of the product without additional sewing. The glue determines their life on the product. If they are stuck with light adhesives then it is meant that the sticker can be removed before application while strong adhesives on durable printed labels last for a long time. However, they too have a lifespan and cannot outdo woven labels. With paper hang tags which come in contrasting color on products offer information about the product in bar codes.
The instruction will help get the desired effect on the product and empower buyers.