Printed or Woven label- Which One is Right for your Brand?

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While both the woven and printed clothing labels are considered ideal for branding, it’s essential to decide which one is best. Depending on the product and its purpose, the labels can also differ. In fact, it’s always important to figure out which type will work best with your products and brand positioning.

Before that, it’s important to know about the different styles and their intrinsic characteristics, so that determining the possible outcome of your project becomes easier.

For that, we need to go back to the basics and check out a little bit about their manufacturing style.

Woven Labels and the Manufacturing Style

Woven labels, such as Damask or Taffeta are designed from 100% polyester threads, which are woven on a loom. The weaving is done is order to create the artwork or the text, which is actually the logo of your company. The best part about woven label is that the alongside the logo design the material is also woven. These are soft, durable and can withstand machine wash. In fact, the woven labels are stylish and looks extremely gorgeous.

Printed labels and the Manufacturing Style

As the name suggests, the logo itself is printed on the materials like satin, cotton, or a poly blend such as, poly satin or poly cotton. The text and/or artwork ( the logo) are digitally printed on top of the material you choose. Though these labels are soft and stylish, these are not recommended for several wash cycles..

How to choose the right product?

Though there’s no such hard and fast rule about the right kind of label, you can definitely take some points into account. There are two more important deciding factors, but are not directly related to manufacturing or design. Instead, these are closely related to your marketing strategy and brand positioning. Here’s a look into this.

Type of Product

When you are using a label, it’s quite obvious that the product quality must be in line with the quality of material you are using in your label. For example, if you are looking for an ‘earthy look’, a then printed on cotton label is the ideal for your product. In case, you like the woven style, a woven label simulating a cotton pattern or a textured background can also work. In the same way, if you are thinking about children’s clothing, a small label that can comfortably ‘fit’ in a small piece of fabric will be better. A printed or woven label both can do for it. But, it should be soft and comfortable to the user.

The Product’s Brand

A right kind of label is no less than a credibility stamp. It’s like sending out your own approval as an authentication of the brand’s identity. Remember, the labels play a major role in building your brand’s identity to the wider audience. So, when you are marketing your brand to the wider audience, it’s imperative for the label to reflect the same professional high which is in your products. So, when it comes to a chic and captivating clothing brand, a woven damask label can best represent your high end fashion.