Pros and Cons of Using Printed and Custom Woven Labels!

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Clothing labels are essential for any apparel. No matter which brand you are opting for, each one of the clothing range comes with a label highlighting the brand name, logo, size, material used to make the apparel along with the care and maintenance tips. Generally, clothing labels are either printed or of the woven variety. If you are wondering what the difference is between printed and woven labels, considering both of them serve the same purpose, we are going to help you out. Following are the pros and cons of using both the types of clothing labels.

Printed Clothing Labels

Printed clothing labels come in either satin, cotton, or tyvek material. Following are the pros and cons of using printed labels:


Printed labels are domestically manufactured. With the advancement in textile printing and technology it is now possible to print photographs, do shade and shadow work along with color gradients and fine writing. The textile technology makes it possible to print Monet on the clothing labels. It is now doable to get your favorite painting on the label which is extremely soft to touch.


Printing might fade with the passage of time. Moreover, if you wash the apparel on a regular basis and/or use harsh chemicals or put it through dry process, the printing would fade and look bad.

Custom Woven Labels

Woven clothing labels are made out of woven threads. The thickness of the weave is determined by the requirement of the artwork. A loom is used to weave the label. The labels are then either cut or folded.

Woven labels are durable and long lasting. They can withstand repetitive wash and dryer use. Damask woven labels are made out of thicker material. This label has a high end appeal.

It takes more time to complete the manufacturing of woven labels. This is because the material used to make custom woven labels is imported. You have to take into account the factors related to manufacturing and logistics in addition to the transportation costs. If the production time is lesser; then woven labels would not be a good choice.

Custom woven labels have design limitations especially if the design is detailed and involves 2D line drawing appearance. You have to keep in mind that custom woven labels are made up of weaving loom sequence; hence, you have to take care of the color gradients, shade variance or small detailed lettering.

Final Analysis:
Printed Labels are better than woven labels if you have intricate detailed work involved. However, finally, it ultimately depends on you as to which label you will opt for. Keep in mind that whichever label you opt for, do the planning in advance. It saves both your time and money. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and choose the label that best fits your requirement. If you want woven labels of tailor-made variety because it best fits your clothing line then opt for woven labels.