Starting A T-Shirt Business With T-Shirt Labels

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Whether you’re starting up a t-shirt business, or a  full range of clothing items, there are a few steps you will need to follow. A t-shirt is a casual must-have for anyone to wear. They are comfy, popular, and can be designed uniquely to target different audiences.

Your first step would be to decide who your target audience is. You can focus your design and style around this. Once you choose whether to focus on childrenswear, sportswear, or a specific male/female audience you can focus on your design and manufacturing options. Find a niche in the market focused around your target audience to help you stand out ahead of the other t-shirt retailers out there.

The fabric you choose to create the t-shirts will depend on their use. The fabric used for sportswear will need to allow for the skin to breath, whereas childrenswear would need to be soft on the skin and hard wearing.

Your brand is a very important aspect of the design of your t-shirts. Spend some time creating your brand, logo, and choosing color schemes carefully as it’s best not to alter this once you begin manufacturing. A strong and unique brand is essential in the t-shirt industry to stand out above competitors and be noticed. Creating a strong brand adds value to your clothing line.

Once you have your target audience, brand, and design all wrapped up, it’s time to focus on the small details that are very important. T-shirt labels have a purpose and their importance shouldn’t be overlooked. Below are the types of labels you must add to your T-Shirts to ensure they are retail ready.

  • Care Content Label. These must be added to help the buyer care for their t-shirt correctly and keep it looking great. Add the recommended washing temperature, ironing, and dry cleaning instructions as well as anything else that is relevant.
  • Add the country of origin of your garment, so people know where it was made.
  • A size label, so people can easily find the most suitable for them. This should be easily accessible as customers will get bored if they have to search to find out the size.
  • Hang tag t-shirt labels are a great choice to add to a t-shirt if you want your brand to be visible. Whilst showing off your brand, you can also add size information and business details. These are attached to the outside of the garment and removed before wearing. Create a bold tag that catches peoples eyes and stands out.

You must decide on the cut you require for your t-shirt labels. A centerfold cut would be the most recommended as information can be added to both sides of the label giving you a lot of space and reducing cost. You should have enough room to add care instructions, the garment size, and country of origin to a centerfold label without it looking cluttered.

The Tags can be woven or printed and are fully customizable to suit your requirements. Incorporate your brand, color schemes, and logo to increase brand recognition. People will recognize your garments wherever they see these tags.