The Difference between Clothing Hang Tags and Gift Tags

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Posted on: August 31, 2016

Every company looks for a distinctive way to create an identity for themselves. Hang tags are one of the most important elements of marketing for any company irrespective of its size. We all know that in order to be irreplaceable in today’s market, you really need to be different from others to strike a presence in the industry. Don’t you feel so? Well, clothing hang tags are basically a miniature version of the company. These comprise the company name along with the tagline and other additional information regarding the business. In some cases, there are hang tags which also include information regarding the maintenance of the apparel, accessory and so on. This is applicable mainly on the clothing hang tags which give additional information including the washing and drying methods. In a word, you can say hang tags act as an identity of a company. It is made appealing to the eye with unique designs, font styles and sizes to establish a market presence in the industry. There are two types of tags widely prevalent in the industry and those are- clothing hang tags and gift tags. To know more, keep reading below:

Clothing Hang Tags

Clothing hang tags are generally present with all kinds of apparels. The garment industry depends heavily on the tags for creating their presence among the customers. They consist the name of the brand, the tagline, the size of the clothing and sometimes they also include additional information. They are usually tied to a garment with a ribbon or thread and sometimes they are woven into the clothing as well. So, it depends on the brand choosing the type of tag for its company. Some brands select customized tags for leaving a different impression on the customers as well. It comes in various sizes and shapes comprising unique content. These clothing hang tags work wonder for the customers and also help them in many circumstances like fitting issues, flaws in clothing and so on. For instance, if a customer faces some problem with the fitting of the dress after the purchase can claim for an exchange with the hang tag. This is possible as the hang tags act as the source of reliability for the company as well as the customers.

Gift Tags

Do you notice tags on the top of jazzy covers of gifts presented to you by your friend? Yes, those tags are called the gift tags which are present on the gift boxes. People usually leave an interesting note on these gift tags to surprise their friends, acquaintances or beloved on special occasions like birthday, anniversary and many more special days. Gift tags are available in trendy sizes and shapes. If you want, then you can customize these tags according to your likes and dislikes. They also decorate the gift boxes with an edge making them more interesting to look at.

Now, in a word we can say clothing tags and gift tags are very different from each other on the basis of the content and the purpose. Both of them are equally important but dissimilar in messaging and reaching the people. So, if you’re looking for opening a clothing line, consider the hang tags first. And also, if you’re gifting a present to your beloved consider the gift tags that will automatically beautify the content and convey your message with a personal touch.