The Different Types of Labels Manufactured by the Clothing Labelers

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Nowadays, the increased demand for labeling has led to a number of companies to produce labels. Labeling is basically creating an identity of a company with the brand name, the tagline of the company, the name of the manufacturer, the manufacturing place, the washing method and much more. And in the present days, the competition has reached its peak, so not having a label is not appropriate for any brand.

And moreover, labeling helps in creating an identity in the industry and adds brand value to the concerned company. Apart from that it also makes an organization stand tall with the other competitors in the market. So, labeling has formed an important position that can’t be ignored at all. Now, it’s the job of the label manufacturers to supply labels of different types for the apparel industry. To know more, keep reading below:

Woven clothing labels – This is one of the most popular labels of all times produced by the clothing labelers. They are basically strong and durable labels woven in a piece of cloth. Being cost-effective, most of the clothing lines prefer these types of labels over the others.

Printed labels – The printed labels are the ones that are directly printed on the clothes. These are comparatively cheaper than the woven ones. These features of the labels compel most of the companies to choose them for their brand establishment. The only drawback of these labels is that they have a space crunch. So, the clothing lines that wish to include more information cannot select these labels.

Care and content clothing labels – Now, the companies manufacturing children’s garments usually use these labels for their business. So, it’s needless to say, that these are the next most popular labels in demand. Most often, the children’s apparel makers need to add a lot of information regarding the garments, which include the washing instructions as well. For such purposes, using this label is ideal.

Eco-friendly labels – There are many organizations that produce eco-friendly labels for apparel industries that believe in the green revolution. The cottage industry, for example, is one such industry that prefers these kinds of labels.

Apart from the above-mentioned labels, there are other labels like the vintage labels, rush labels and much more. To get an idea about the different types of labels get in touch with Xpresa Labels, one of the reputed companies producing different kinds of labels for many years now. Call them or visit them and they’ll give you proper guidance.