The Different Types Of Woven Garment Labels

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Woven labels are the most common type of labels used on garments. They are made on a loom using woven thread, so are very durable and don’t fade through washing. All labels can be quickly and easily applied to various clothing, accessories, and other textile items. Custom made woven labels that are professionally made look fantastic and add a personal touch to any textile item.
Woven garment labels are available in a variety of folds, cuts, and colors. This allows you to fully customize them to your brand and style. Add your required font and logo whilst incorporating your own color scheme. You have three options when choosing woven labels and below explains the difference between the three materials;


Damask woven garment labels are a high-end choice that offers a high-quality finish. They are made with a high weave density creating a tight, durable weave. They are cut and sealed to prevent fraying. The slower weave gives you better detail and color separation. The vibrant color options give you an enhanced image for your brand or logo. They are usually used for labels that have small text such as signatures as their main benefit is the attention to detail. Damask is the ideal choice if you want a hard wearing label that gives a very good quality finish that is soft to touch.
Taffeta woven labels are the most economical choice in woven labels. they are polyester based and used for a more cost-effective choice. They do have a scratchy finish, so not suitable for clothing that is in contact with skin. They are very durable and weaving can be double for definition detail. Taffeta is most suitable for outerwear, or accessories that aren’t against the skin.


Satin labels are a polyester based thread that has a luxury feel and finish. The satin label can be produced using a single needle broadloom technique which produces a soft label that has a glossy finish. The soft to touch silky finish gives an upmarket feel. The colors available are more limited and quite basic background choices are available. If you a have a simple design to add, then satin labels will give you a luxury finish that is very durable.

The Process

Garment labels can easily be designed using the step by step online ordering system. Simply select from the label fold / cut options and the required size. Add your text and font followed by the color and type of woven label you have chosen. It’s simple to do and you can receive an instant quote for your chosen quantity. Once you have customized your order, you can easily select a free sample if you would like to see your finished label before you order.

A specialist will analyze the specifications of your order to ensure that the finished result will be made to a high standard. Woven labels are made to a high quality, but with affordability in mind. Receive a free sample and get your custom woven label quote simply.