The Importance of Custom Clothing Labels

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Your labels are designed and are ready for production. Did you know labels aren’t just for attaching to clothing with instructions on how to care for the garment or product? Labels can be used for so much more. After all, it’s all about branding, which has many definitions: It basically boils down to making your company recognizable and memorable to your target market.

So, here we are talking about all those use of clothing labels that play a major role in giving your organization an extensive recognition.

The Benefits of Hang Tags

With a hangtag, you can actually do a lot of designs and shape than what you could do with a standard business card. Plus the hang tag attaches to each product sold, so you can ensure that current customers have your contact information and something to remember you by. This way, you can stay connected with your customers in a more streamlined manner.

The Uses of Laminated Labels

Laminated clothing labels are not that common, but you can actually do a lot more things than a normal sticker tags. They are more durable and appear extremely “classy”, thus increasing the perceived value of the item. Rubber labels can also be used which actually seem like a freebie received with purchase. They also make great zipper pulls. This would be a constant reminder of your company and brand every time the customer wears or uses the product.

A Printed QR Code

A QR code can also be printed on a label or a hang tag. This will be a fun feature for current or potential customers. They can just scan the codes with their phones and instantly learn more about your company and its products.

Woven Tags are Also Great

Woven labels are attached outside the garment and helps a lot with the brand recognition. It also serves as free advertising for your company. Leather labels are also great for this purpose.

The Clothing Labels Are Everything

Labels can be used outside of business purposes as well. Labels in fact serve the branding purpose as a whole. It’s not just a name, instead it’s a name that sells. And that’s why you need to make a advertisement and your label must provide that. To be in the limelight the product has to be attractive and easy to remember. However, with clothing labels you can reach a height in the field of garment marketing. Garment companies take special care to choose labels that are attached with their clothes. Clothing labels are the most evident way to promote the brand. It is one way for a client to recognize the garment and reach out for amongst many.