The Importance of Garment Labels For Care Instructions

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It’s necessary for you to attach care labels to your garments to ensure buyers can care for their garments as best as possible. The care label must be attached to the garment permanently and be sufficient to withstand the life of the garment.

A care label will tell your customers the quality of your garment. They will know exactly what fabric the garment is made of and that they are not just buying something that looks similar to what they want. The fabric used is usually reflected in the cost of the garment as well, so with the right garment care labels, customers can easily check they are getting value for money.

What information is it important to display on the care label?

    • Fibre content should be displayed, including the percentage of each fibre used in the production of the fabric.
    • You should also disclose the country of origin of the garment.
    • Garment labels should have the manufacturer’s details on them.
    • A care label should display at least one method of cleaning. If there is anything in particular to your knowledge that could damage the garment, then add this on there as well.
    • The recommended washing temperature.
    • The size of the garment.
    • Whether the garment is suitable for dry cleaning, machine washes, hand washes, and use with an iron.

It’s important for some people to know the material a garment is made from as they may be sensitive to some fibres. They may get a reaction if they buy a look-alike and would be unaware before their purchase if a care label wasn’t present. Some people may be influenced into to buying a garment if it suits their preferred care methods.

Caring for garments effectively will help them to remain looking great for longer. Without the proper care, garments can shrink, fade, discolor, and become unsightly. The provision of care labels aids the wearer in taking the sufficient steps to keep garments looking fantastic.

Garment labels for care instructions are usually printed or sewn into the inside of the garment permanently. There are different types of cut available:

    • A straight cut which is a flat piece that would be stitched all the way around.
    • Centrefold – the fabric is folded in half and the loose ends are then sewn in.
    • Cut/end fold, the label ends are stitched on the inside of the folds.

The most popular choice for care labels is a centerfold. Time and cost of the label can be reduced by opting for a centerfold cut. This allows enough room on the label to fit the required care information, garment size, and country of origin onto one label without the need of extra labels. Using a centerfold care label saves time and money as you don’t have to attach various labels to the garment.

Woven or printed labels are custom made to your design. You can receive a quick quote and a free sample to see your work before you commit to a bulk order. Get your labels right and present your garments the professional way.