Tips to Create an Effective Company Logo

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A logo is the face of a company which represents the brand identity. That’s the reason we recognize big brands like Apple, Microsoft, Puma, Reebok, etc. just by having a look at their iconic logos. Research reveals, it takes 10 seconds for a consumer to form a first impression of a brand logo and 5-7 impressions to recognize a logo. It is, therefore, an imperative to make a compelling logo aligned with the motive of the company.

If you’re thinking of creating a logo, then this blog will help you create an ideal corporate logo for your brand. 

Things to keep in mind

  •  Follow the latest consumer tastes and preference and make sure the logo style is not out of the ark.  
  •  Seek professional help and learn the lifestyle of your target customers.  
  •  Do some research and create a list of logos of the famous brands aligned with your business.
  •   Try to find out what makes those logos connect so well with its target customers.
  •  Keep the Global market trends in mind to make your logo future-ready.

Facts that prove the importance of a corporate logo:

  • Logos can be a great way to build a fan following on social media. Research shows, many Facebook and Instagram users follow a brand just for the sake of an attractive logo and not on purpose.
  • Our brains are programmed to process a visual content 60, 000 times faster than textual content. This is the reason why most of the companies are making the most of logo design with minimal text.  
  • An appropriate color in the logo increases the chances of brand recognition by 80%.
  • Research shows, a logo helps to build customer loyalty and redesigning can make or break a dedicated customer base.  

Choose the right color

Picking out the right color for your brand is the most crucial part of logo creation. Blue is mostly used by most of the big brands because it is the most-common favorite and connects with a wider spectrum of audience. Feminine clothing brands can go for shades of pink, red or purple, while kids or teenage wear makers can go for bright colors like orange, yellow or combine it with the right colors. Luxury brands, on the other hand, can single out the classic combination of black and white.

Shape and font

After you decide on the color and design, you need to rack your brains to fix the shape of the logo. Do some testing if it looks good in a circular or a square design. You can also keep it simple with a horizontal or a vertical line depending on the psyche of your target audience.

As far as the font is concerned, you need to do away with the old school ones and pick out a cutting edge font that can attract the millennials of the digital generation.

Label & tags

This is important for businesses that deal with tangible products. You can create your logo, design, and label online from the best custom woven and printed labels maker.