Tips to Fit Your Clothing Label Design Within the Label Shape

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Posted on: Mar 30, 2016

Entrepreneurs running a clothes store need to keep in mind several important factors that are responsible in bringing success to the clothes store. For a clothes store to be a successful venture, potential customers and clients need to be aware of the business. This awareness about the clothes store is possible only when entrepreneurs market their business effectively. Effective marketing requires strategy building and partially drafting a marketing plan based on the clothes logo design.

Emergence of Clothes Logo Design

Clothes logo design plays an important role in increasing the brand identification among clients and customers. In order to increase sales, customers need to have a connect with the brand and logos are the best medium to trigger brand connection and identification. Care needs to be taken that the logo design creates the right impact among potential customers. The logo design needs to be a reflection of what the clothes brand believes in or stands for. Logos or clothes labels are the best way to identify a fashion brand and increase retention power among clients.

However, designing a clothes logo is extremely creative but you need to keep in mind a few essential elements when ensuring that the label triggers visual appeal. One of the most important factors is to make sure that the entire logo design fits perfectly within the shape of the clothes labels. The labels have a particular size and it is important for the logo design to fit beautifully within the pre-decided shape. In your attempt to fit the design within the shape, there are a lot of important tips that designers need to keep in mind.

  • Check up Specifications Sent by the Printer – When it comes to designing labels, professionals mostly focus on printed labels. When talking about printing labels, the focus is always on desktop printing and this unfortunately has a few limitations. For instance, edge to edge label printing or borderless label printing is not accurately possible. In case of label design it is best to opt for standard label printing because it has minimal designs. When the designs are minimal with no background color, there is room for customization. This customization allows designers to come up with their unique label designs. The best way to make sure that the logo design is within the label size it is best to measure the margins previously.
  • Give Attention to the Label Borders – Borders give a sense of completion to the entire look of the label. So, make sure before you begin your label design, the labels are well-marked. This helps in giving label designers the exact idea about the existing space within which they have to incorporate the logo design. All clothing labels have certain distinct shape implying that the border needs to match the shape of the label. Keeping the shape of the label in mind is important when planning to customize the logo design. The logo design could be minimal and simplistic with just text or it could be a grand design that touches all curves and contours of your labels. Whatever be the design, it should be framed after the label borders are placed well.
  • Keep the Designs Centralized in the Label – The logo designs should be centrally located to trigger visual appeal. However, getting the accurate central positioning is quite a challenge and that is when you need expert skills. Centralizing all elements in the logo design is important to give a compact look to clothing labels. Interestingly, label shapes could be square, rectangular, circle or even oval. Whatever be the shape of the labels, it is important to understand that well in advance and then add the logo within the shape. Keeping the logo design centralized in a circular or oval shaped label is slightly more complicated than doing the same thing in a square or rectangular shaped label. So, understand the shape and the elements of logo design very well to come up with the perfect finished label.
  • Layer Label Design Elements Carefully – When coming up with logo designs, there have been instances when designers have wished to include texts, images and shapes. In such a situation, having to accommodate all these elements within a fixed shape can get a little difficult. This is only because the size is a constraint and no designer would want to give their clothes labels a cramped and clumsy look. In such a sticky situation, always think of layering as a suitable option. Layering all the elements one after the other is the best way to include all elements and yet manage to give the label a grand look. Let expert professional designers come up with well-layered apparel labels.
  • Choose the Font Size Depending on the Label Size – Since the size of the label is pre- decided, designers need to work on the logo design accordingly. The logo design needs to complement the size of the label well. Not just the logo design, but the font that needs to be selected should also match well with the design, the shape and the size of the label. When thinking about logo design, make sure that you are well aware of the font size and type. In case the size of the label is a little too small, then make sure you choose a smaller font size so that the label does not look cramped. The best way to understand this is to check when the size of the label is at par with the size of the font.
  • Choose from a Well Co-ordinated Color Palette – Never ever underestimate the power of color when designing labels. The color psychology is crucial and each color has certain significance. It is important to understand the implication of the color shades and decide the color of your clothing labels accordingly. The choice of colors also reflects the mood and the connect you are trying to establish with your target audience. Experiment with colors and select the shades that suit the brand image of your business. Interestingly, if you are planning to fit the logo design perfectly within the label size, then be careful with your color selection. Loud or bold colors don’t go well with small sized labels because they spoil the visual appeal of the clothes. On the contrary, if the size of your labels is large enough, then you can experiment with a variety of quirky and fun shades.
  • Go for Simplistic Label Designs – Simplicity is the key to fetching attention and having an increased retention span among customers and potential clients. Logo designs should be kept simple in order to inform your target audience about your business and branding. When we say the logo design should be kept simple, we basically imply that the graphics need to be simple. Simple graphics are easy to use in several application and printing processes. So, make sure that when designing a logo, the overall design can be unique to be different from contemporaries but the graphics need to be simple as these are easy to interpret across several printing processes.
  • Sell the Look through the Clothes Labels – Clothing business needs to come up with effective strategies that will trigger sales and accelerate the revenue of the clothes store. Labels are a great way to push sales and give a brand identification to the clothes. But there are instances when you need to look beyond the label design. Since that is the only way you can keep things interesting for your target audience. So, when coming up with label designs, make sure that you don’t just use it to sell the clothes, but the entire look. Selling just the products, in this case, the clothes can get very boring. But if you can sell an entire look with the help of well-designed labels, then that will keep target audience all the more interested.
  • Communicate Effectively with Clients – Visual communication is a great way to drive sales and what better tool to do that than well-designed clothing labels. Designing clothing labels imply that you need to be able to create visual appeal. This appeal should be the most effective visual communicators of your business. Which is possible only when you successfully add up all visual information in the labels. Adding information is necessary but the look and design of the label should not be compromised for that reason.

When it comes to label designs, the right use of the software is important to get the perfect finished look. The finished look of clothes labels strikes the best impression among clients. The best first impression is crucial as it helps immensely in pushing sales and increasing retention power. When incorporating the logo design within the label shape, care needs to be taken that the overall look of the label should not be clumsy or cramped. There have been instances when in order to fit in all elements of a well-designed logo within the label, the overall look of the clothes label have got spoilt and cramped. So, make sure that the logo design is at par and perfectly in sync with the label size.