Top 4 Furniture Label Styles with Samples

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You buckle down to make sure your products are best-in-class but there are other furniture businesses that are moving ahead due to some reason or the other? Well, it’s time you look under the hood and try to figure out what can be the probable reasons. A great brand label can be one of the potential reasons that may be backing up their business a notch higher. You too can leverage the power of a furniture label by checking out these brand labels for your reference.

1. Fine custom upholstery label

This label belongs to La Habra Foam & Fabrics, a big name in the world of furniture and fabrics business.

They have used this label for giving a distinctive look to their products and have skillfully underlined their brand objective. The size is neither too big to make it look too salesy nor too small that can get away unnoticed. It includes a cool font aligned with their logo color which ideally accentuates the brand name and a small text that says, ‘custom furniture, cushions and upholstery’. The sleek edges and soft finish speaks volumes about the brand equity.

2. Woven industrial furniture labels

You can give your upholstery products a classic and uber-chic look by believing in the effect of minimalism. The substantial millennial consumers love logos and designs will minimal embellishments and maximal suave. See how ‘Deco pillows’ swears by that theme and have used less content and used just the brand logo. You too can affix the brand tag with just the name of your company and use hangtags for care instructions or any information which you wish to convey to your potential buyers.

3. Custom built furniture labels

Biggs furniture was once the leading vintage furniture producers and you can take a cue from their brand label for their interesting use of color schemes and fonts. This label contains the brand logo in the middle with a simple message that writes, ‘Custom Built by Biggs’ with their brand mascot rightfully placed on the right side.
So basically furniture labels can be a logo on a woven or a printed label with an iron-on, adhesive, or sewn in technique. It can also be a peel and stick type label depending on the type of products. For premium products, it is always a good idea to go for woven damask labels to give it sophisticated look with fine detailing.
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