Top Eight Uses And Tips For Fabric Labels In 2018

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Whether you have your own clothing line, or you enjoy creating craft garments, there are essential uses for labels on your garments. Labels are a great way to get important information across and reinforce your brand. One of the quickest and easiest ways to brand your clothing is using labels. There are so many uses in adding labels to your garments; many are essential and many will give you the desired professional finish.

Fabric labels are versatile and can be added to a range of garments for a range of uses.

  1. Use your labels as a subtle way to promote your brand. Add a logo or text as this is what customers will recognize whenever they see your products. This is an easy opportunity to get your brand out there. The label you create must be professional and represent your brand using your logo and color schemes.
  2. Clothing labels can be used to display care and wash instructions – this information is usually essential. People need to know how to care properly for your garment to keep it looking fantastic. A care label is a must and should include washing temperature, iron instructions, and tumbler dryer instructions.
  3. Fabric labels are very versatile and come in a variety of colors. They are useful if you have a vibrant image to display or a logo to display. They are great if you want to add a unique design.
  4. Another essential use for labels is to display the garment size. People need to know the measurements and this should be displayed clearly in a place that can be easily seen, so they don’t have to try and find it.
  5. Brand labels are a huge marketing opportunity to increase brand awareness and remind customers of who you are every time they wear the garment.
  6. You must display the fabric content on garments. The composition must be displayed for all parts of the garment, for example, 100% Cotton.
  7. Kids clothing labels should be soft as to not irritate the skin. Damask labels come in an ultrasonic cut for ultimate smoothness upon request with eight color choices.
  8. Printed satin is also a fantastic fabric clothing label option, they are very soft, but do tend to fade in time.

You can opt for a multi-use label, for example, if you chose a folded cut, then you could put care instructions on one side and your logo on the other. All labels call easily be added to garments for a professional finishing touch.

Fabric labels are really versatile and fantastic if you see yourself labelling a whole lot of garments. The fun part is that you can design them yourself and create a label that you really love. Use the design tools to create your label and add your specifications and logo.

Create your own labels as an essential finishing touch for your garments. The bespoke labels can match your requirements perfectly and are easy to design. The online design tool allows you to simply add all of your specifications, and receive an instant quote.