Top Questions Asked By the Designers for Clothing Labels

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Well, clothing labels are crucial in the clothing industry. They represent the face of a brand and also aid a company to gain recognition in the market. Now, what are clothing labels? These are pieces of cloth that contains the name of the brand, the tagline of the company, the size of the apparel, the washing methods and much more. So, in a word, you can say that they are the miniature representation of a company in the market. And moreover, the clothing labels support a particular brand to stand tall in the competition with other counterparts in the field. Hence, the importance of the clothing labels is established with proper reasons and its effective features.

Now, there are many questions that boggle the mind of the designers who look for creating their identity in the corporate world through labeling. Keep reading to know all about the doubts that the designers have in their minds regarding labels for clothing:

  1. Which is Better? Woven or Satin label?
    Well, both the labels have their own characteristics and uniqueness. So, woven and satin labels are different in their own way. But, if you’re looking for a long lasting label, then you should definitely opt for woven labels as these are attached to garments and they don’t tear off easily. And moreover, the woven labels are cost-effective. On the other hand, if you’re finding a classy label, then the satin label should be your choice. The sheen of the material reflects class and adds value to the brand.
  1. What is RN?
    The Registration Number is the RN number that is required by law. And this is necessary to mention it on the care labels. The importance of this RN number is for the reference that the customers need for getting back to the brand in the case of unfavorable situations. For instance, if the customer faces allergic symptoms after wearing the clothes of that particular brand, then they can get in contact with the concerned company, mentioning the RN number, for further proceedings.
  2. What are the Requirements for Care Labels?
    Now, care labels are the labels that contain all the major information like the brand name, the tagline, the name of the manufacturing place, the name of the materials used and the RN number. So, needless to say, that the care labels are vital and care must be taken that not a single information is missed at any point.
  1. Are Hangtags Needed?
    Now, this is your choice. If you like to keep hangtags for your brand then you can definitely keep them. As they provide additional recognition to your brand. So, take a call!

The above-mentioned questions are some of the common ones that leave the designers thinking. Now, clear the doubts and get started with the process of labeling for your brand. Get in touch with Xpresa Labels and know all about the different kinds of labels and choose the one that suits your business requirements the best.