Try Using Waterproof Labels for your Sportswear

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“Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.” – Michael Jordan

This is often the thought of every man/woman who loves his/her sport. Be it a game of cricket, badminton, tennis or baseball and soccer, a real sportsman plays the game with elan and true sportsman spirit. A sports lover enjoys every bit of the game in any condition possible. Be it a stressed situation where winning is not too far away or a situation where long hours on the field is taking a toll on the energy levels. Now, considering this that a sportsman is all about honesty and dignity towards his/her game, the sportswear manufacturers must ensure that they create comfortable sportswear for such people.

Most of the sportswear are made of materials that are stretchable to give the players enough flexibility to move freely. Otherwise, too much of firmness in the material would have made the players stiff and uncomfortable while playing, e.g., a batsman hitting his century would want to concentrate on the game rather than on the jersey he is wearing. Along with the sportswear also comes the labels – athletic labels. Yes! That’s true even sportswear have labels on them. These are mostly created by the manufacturers to establish a brand recognition among the people. A well-organized way to market the company to the fullest.

There are many manufacturers who make and supply sportswear in bulk quantities. They have a good amount of customers as well. However, if you are thinking of starting a clothesline of your own for sports, you could think of coming up with unique label design ideas. Thinking out-of-the-box will draw attention and create the right amount of buzz among people who could be your customers in the future. One good idea would be to make your labels waterproof. This is appropriate because there are many water sports activities like swimming, scuba diving that attract people a lot. Not only this but even while playing any sport, the sportsmen are likely to sweat incessantly owing to the high levels of running about they do. So, in such situations in order to prevent the labels from fading away, it is advisable that you use waterproof labels.

In order to put this bright idea to use, get in touch with people who work with inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet is water resistant in nature. Hence, a label may not be waterproof, but the inkjet composition can be used to make it so. It is, therefore, advisable to get an inkjet printer installed at the earliest.

The other way to make labels waterproof is with the use of laser printers. These printers use static electricity to print the labels. The large amount of heat generated during the process makes the labels water resistant.

Waterproof labels are far more expensive than other labels, apart from using the usual woven, damask or printed labels, using the waterproof ones is worth the try. After all, it is your company’s face that you would want to get printed on the clothes you manufacture. The more attention you put in creating the labels, the more will be the brand recognition among your customers.