Types of Fabrics Used in Apparel Labels

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Posted on: May 12, 2016

Clothing labels have an important role to play in creating a brand connect with the target audience. In fact, clothes labels are often considered the bridge that connects clients with the business. Labels increase retention span among people and give clothes an identification that they require. Identification and retention power are the major catalysts that can push sales and make the clothes business successful.

Interestingly, the finishing look of the label speaks a lot about the clothes brand and the quality of clothes offered. Well-designed and neatly presented labels reflect the entrepreneur’s eye for detail and the extra care he has to attain for finer perfection. When talking about finer perfection and making efforts to achieve it, the choice of fabric used for making apparel labels need prime importance. Let us take a closer look at the various types of fabrics used in making apparel labels.

  • Cotton – Cotton is touted to be one of the most popular and commonly used fabrics when designing clothes labels. The reasons for its wide use are primarily because the material is very soft, labels made from cotton fabric are durable and the material is versatile. The longer fibers of cotton material can be easily spun into finer yarn. The advantage of fine yarn is that it can be tightly bound making the label a lot stronger.
  • Linen – Made from flax fibers, linen material is naturally smooth yet not elastic. In fact, linen is considered to be ‘go to’ fabric during summers because of the sense of comfort it offers. Interestingly all the summer trends that you spot in the fashion circuit have clothes labels made of linen material. When thinking about summer fashion, choose linen labels.
  • Wool – If linen is the fabric chosen for summers, then winter is all about labels made from wool. When making labels from wool, the quality of the wool is of prime importance because good quality wool is required to design good quality labels. The best way to judge the quality of woolen labels is by checking the diameter of the wool and the individual wool fiber used to make the clothes labels.
  • Denim – Denim labels are quite rare and give the rugged and edgy look to clothes. Labels made of denim are extremely fashionable. Denim labels need to be of high quality and that is completely based on the quality of the cotton used in weaving the material together.
  • Leather – When talking about fabrics used in designing apparel labels, you cannot really include leather because leather is not a fabric, it is a material. The reason for still including this is primarily because leather in spite of being a material is commonly used when designing labels.

Going by recent consumer trends, labels need to have simplistic designs so that they increase visual appeal and retention power among the audience. Flashy images and loud colors are great, but they should not be added together in a particular label design. Adding all trendy elements in your label is not the best way of designing labels. The focus should be to strike the best balance between the fabric, design, color and font used in designing labels.