Types of Folds and Cuts used in making Clothing labels

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Apparel designers and manufacturers have to pay a lot of attention to different aspects of the garments in order to ensure that the individual wearing a particular piece is absolutely comfortable and the apparel too stands out in the crowd. And out of the many things that need attention, the labels are perhaps the ones that need careful planning as they carry the brand name and in most cases are in close contact with the wearer’s skin too.

Xpresa Labels, which is one of the best woven label manufacturers in USA has been catering to a wide range of customers since 2002. They have made a plethora of quality woven as well as printed labels and catered to a diverse clientele. Owing to the premium quality of labels they offer as well as the many options in terms of fabric and fold that are available with them, Xpresa has always been the number one choice for designers and crafters. While, the choice of fabric available with them has been extensively spoken about, here’s more on the different kinds of cuts and folds available with them.

Straight cut woven labels:

These labels are very easy to use and are often procured whenever there is a bulk requirement. As the name suggests, there are no folds in this and they are simply cut straight. Although these labels are mostly sewn on the top, some people also prefer to sew them on two sides. The edges of these labels are heat sealed which prevents fraying and increases the longevity of the product.

Center Fold Woven Label:

These labels are characterized by a prominent center crease. They are usually sewn into a seam and the crease is made in such a way that the label lies flat. The advantage of using these kinds of labels lay in the fact that both, the front and back of the label can be used to display the brand name as well as the care instruction if any.  Although many people also refer to these labels as loop labels, there is a stark difference between the two as the center crease is missing in the loop labels. The center end fold is a variant of the center fold which is mostly used on the outer hems of blouses or pant pockets.

Manhattan Fold:

These folds are designed to give a unique look and soft feel to the labels. These are almost always sewn on the hem tags and invariably give a very clean look. These are quite similar to the centerfold label but the folded upper part which works like an envelope’s flap to tuck the lower fold in makes it different from the centerfold labels.

Mitre Fold:

This is a dual purpose label which not only carries the brand name, serves a practical purpose too. Ideal for brand names and logos that fit best in a rectangular shape, these labels have the ends folded up to create two flaps that can be sewn into the seam. The label is supported by these flaps giving it an appearance of hanging from two tabs. This structure also creates a hook loop which people often find very useful while hanging the clothes.

While these are the most common label folds used by reputed woven label manufacturers like Xpresa labels, other variants like the custom die-cut labels and woven patches with overlock stitch on the rim can also be seen in many brands. Reputed manufacturers offer a plethora of options to the customers to choose from according to their needs.