Types of Garments Labels Used in Clothes Stores

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Garment labels are not just a piece of fabric that is attached on your clothes. It has a lot of significance in the clothes industry because it is a medium that designers use to communicate. Labels give identification to the clothes and help potential buyers know more about the clothes brand. This is considered to be an effective marketing strategy that clothes businesses use. Going by statistics, labels are instrumental in making the sale happen and increasing revenue. However, don’t be under the assumption that just by adding labels you will set the revenue bells ringing of your clothes store. It is important to design clothing labels for your garments those have a brand connect and appeals to buyers. Visually appealing labels are the best way to increase retention power among buyers and they will keep coming back to your store.

Why the Necessity of Having Labels?

Garment labels might be a small piece of cloth but it has a lot of significance and importance in the clothes industry. As has been mentioned previously, labels communicate a lot about the clothes and the store. It is this communication that is necessary and plays a key role in marketing clothes. So let us take a look at the communication aspects of the labels:

• Conveys the materials of the clothes
• Instructs about the clothes maintenance tips
• Informs about the manufacturers of the clothes
• Highlights the size of the clothes
• Communicates the customized look of the labels

The labels are diverse and varied in its look and appeal because they are an extension of the clothes brand and no two clothes brands are the same. Each fashion brand has their own set of beliefs and vision so the label design will be crafted accordingly. Customers can identify the clothes brand just by one look at the labels so make sure your labels are well designed. Since we know how important it is to have well designed labels, let us take a look at the production process which takes place on a large scale.

Production of Labels

Clothing labels can be made using a variety of fabrics those have different finishes and ways to stay attached to clothes. Both the finish and the attachment of labels on clothes is completely a decision that the manufacturer needs to take. Even the production process is a decision taken by the manufacturer keeping in mind the overall benefits of the company and the clothes business. There are two different production processes and they are producing individual label pieces or a continuous roll of labels. For the latter process, after the labels come out in one roll, the labels are cut individually and attached to the clothes.

Fabrics Used in Labels

The commonly used fabrics in garment labels are damask, satin, taffeta, semi damask and cotton. Amongst all the above mentioned fabrics, satin remains the most commonly used fabric while designing and making clothes labels. Leather labels are also a popular choice for jeans and trousers to add to the rugged look.

Clarity about the different types of labels will help you boost your business visibility.