Ways to make the Labels more sustainable

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With increasing consciousness about adopting a sustainable way of life, different brands are realigning their practices in order to reduce waste as well as recycle all the waste generated. It has become extremely important for brands to showcase their efforts in reducing their carbon foot print in order to gain the trust of customers.

Xpresa Labels has helped many clients level up their efforts in making their products environment friendly by making their labels more sustainable. Since its establishment in the year 2002, Xpresa Labels has been making high quality custom woven labels, hang tags, adhesive labels and a variety of other kinds of labels for a plethora of clients. They follow sustainable manufacturing practices and also encourage their clients to adopt sustainably made labels. Drawing from their practices, here’s an overview on a few ways to make labels more sustainable.

Facilitate Recycling:

In a label manufacturing unit, it is extremely important to ensure that the products being used generate recyclable waste. PET bottles that contain ink for printing form a large portion of the waste which can be recycled. It is important to ensure that the ink does not contaminate the PET bottle as that will interfere with the recycling process. Pressure sensitive and shrink sleeve materials can be a great alternative here.

Use Recycled Materials for making the labels:

Using materials like re-cycled polyester from post-consumer waste and organic fiber can be a great way of ensuring that the labels are more sustainable. Using the same material used in making a garment in making a label can also be a great way of ensuring that the complete product is recycled at the end of its life cycle.

Use sustainably sourced raw materials:

Labels may seem to be a very small part of a product but even they need to be made sustainably in order to reduce the product’s overall carbon footprint. Using FSC certified papers and other such raw materials is a great way of ensuring that the labels are sustainable and will decompose in no time. Since these products are made from responsibly managed forests, it is absolutely worthwhile to invest in procuring them as they will eventually lead to a better tomorrow and lessen the mankind’s dependency on fossil fuels. Not just papers, even bio-based films are available which can be used to make quality labels.

Optimize the size and manufacturing process:

Optimizing the products and the manufacturing process is always a great way to reduce waste and decrease energy consumption. Steps like reducing the picks per centimeter or the weft density of the custom woven labels can be a great way to save on the yarn as well as downsize the label’s dimensions. Also, by adjusting the size of the label to fit in more, manufacturers can decrease the need for adding multiple labels for different kinds of information. Xpresa Labels has mastered the technique of creating sustainable labels and can immensely contribute to the whole effort of adopting sustainable labels in all kinds of products with their experience and expertise.

Make intelligent use of spent liner:

The liners used in adhesive labels also contribute to a major portion of the waste generated in label manufacturing. It is as such important to find ways and means to make intelligent use of the spent liner and even recycle it. The spent liners used in the labels must be free from contaminants so they can be recycled and reused. Also, care should be taken to pack them in a more compact manner so that more can be transported in one go.

All these efforts aimed at reducing, reusing and recycling can significantly help in making the labels more sustainable and contribute towards building a cleaner and greener tomorrow.